Awesome Speed Workout/Awesome Food

Today’s Happy Note: finding pomegranate tea again!  Haven’t had any in so very long, and it is one of my favorite herbal teas.  It was accompanied by lovely conversation, more importantly!

I have to be a speed blogger tonight (haha, NOT my forte — I like talking, in case you haven’t noticed) because USB is coming to visit.  It is going to be such a nice night for a walk!

Marathon Training: I really wanted to do my speed workout and weights today, for some reason.  I knew there was no way both were going to happen before work, since I didn’t go to bad until after 2 (bad Caronae!).  I start work at 11 on Fridays.  This is sad, I know.

I tend to become more of a morning person as the semester wears on, oddly enough.  Anyways, I dragged myself out of bed at 10 and headed to the gym for a half hour of arm weights. Sometimes a half an hour is all you need to get your muscles nice and sore!

I followed that up with a delicious, steamy, spicy chai tea latte (made with soy — I was not feeling the dairy today) and an apple with honey PB:

A delicious bite of cinnamon roll from the guys at the mail room was also had 🙂

I am fully aware that the icing on my hands in this picture does NOT look like icing.  It is, I swear.

I had a late afternoon lunch-snack of a chocolate chip muffin, in honor of Cookie Friday.  Sometimes I think muffins are better than cookies.  I think they *might* be my favorite baked good!  Shhh, don’t tell the cookies that I told you that.

I came home after work and lazed around.  I just did not want to start my run at all.  I was feeling very grey, I suppose.  I finally had a Luna Bar and got my butt out the door around 6:00, only because I knew that if I waited any longer it would be dark by the time I finished and I didn’t want to get mugged in the northern end of CP (which is a wee bit isolated/quiet at night).

The run ended up being wonderful! I felt really fast and strong and smooth.  Some runs you just get into a rhythm and other runs…well, you don’t.  I definitely found my groove today, which was nice after Wednesday’s sucky run.

2 Miles warm-up (10:00-10:30 min/mile pace)

4 x (1 mile “Cruise” Pace, 1/4 mile easy)

2 Miles cool down, easy

I don’t know what the difference is, necessarily, between “fast” and “cruise” and “tempo” and “speed.”  And to be honest, I don’t particularly care.  I have a few paces: 8:30, 9:00, 10:00, and slower than 10:00.  I go based on how I feel.  I think that the important thing for me is just practicing speeding up, learning how to move my legs faster.  I definitely accomplished that today — I would say I was maybe running 8:45s?  Hard to tell, but I worked hard and felt fast on the miles, so I was happy! 🙂 Nine miles in total.

Dinner later on was the giant burrito that I wanted yesterday but didn’t let myself have!

What, you don’t have your giant burrito with a side of steamed broccoli and roasted carrots/okra doused in TJS spicy peanut vinaigrette?

Inside the burrito: green peppers/onions, pinto beans, barbacoa meat (beef), corn salsa, a little cheese, lots of lettuce.  It needed some spicier salsa, but other than that it was divine!  If you ask really nicely at Chipotle, they’ll let you have the peppers/onions (which are normally for the vegetarian burritos) instead of rice.  Rice+burrito+beans would be way too many carbohydrates for me to handle at once.

I love having the options of multiple fats at Chipotle: cheese, sour cream, or guacamole.  Do not fear the fats ladies!

I had a few squares of plain TJs dark chocolate after dinner (which I learned form Averie’s post today might be Scharffen Berger????), followed by about five gallons of water — I can always tell when I haven’t had enough to drink throughout the day based on how thirsty I am in the evenings!

Now onto a little activity inspired by the lovely Janetha G.! A few days ago she did a list of her favorite food for each letter of the alphabet.  I got really bored in Harlem Renaissance Literature the other day and started my own. 🙂

This is a really fun and oddly soothing thing to do.  I might just have to go back and expand the list one day so that I can include all my favorite foods.  For example, I feel like “avocados” and “almond butter” got left out on A.  I don’t want to exclude anybody!

A: apples

B: bananas

C: cupcakes

D: dark chocolate

E: eggs

F: fish

G: gaz (a Persian candy made with rosewater and pistachio and AMAZINGNESS)

H: hummus

I: Indian

J: jumbo shrimp

K: kiwi

L: linguine

M: muffins

N: nuts

O: oats

P: peanut butter (duh)

Q: quinoa (blended, preferably)

R: raspberries

S: spinach

T: tofu

U: upside down cake (it’s a tradition in my dad’d family — a tasty, tasty tradition)

V: vanilla

W: whey protein

X: xantham gum

Y: yogurt (especially2% plain Greek)

Z: zucchini bread

Thanks for the idea Janetha!

What is your favorite baked good?

How do you know when a run (or workout) is good?

Weekend Update

Today’s Happy Note:

Hello hello hello!  I have to blog and run because I have more work to do before tomorrow’s (procrastinator much?) early morning long run.  Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I reaallllllyyyyy suck at time management.

Marathon Training:

Yesterday I had five easy miles on the schedule.  I did that along with about 40 minutes of arms and abs.  My leg strength training falls by the wayside whenever I am training for a race.  My legs are tired enough from running so many miles, I can’t bear the thought of putting them through sets of lunges and hamstring curls and calf raises.  I have decided that I officially love lifting weights.  It is almost as fun as running and yoga for me.  Makes me feel strong, powerful, confident, and sexy, in a weird way.  I ended my run at the Union Square Farmer’s market.  That is the absolute best way to do a Saturday morning run — then you can have a little snack when you get there and sit in the sunshine in the park and think about sunflowers and sunshine and other sunny Saturday morning things.

There was a chocolate chip coconut scone (yes, you heard that correctly) with my name on it at the FM!  With a side of honey-vanilla yogurt.

This was the best scone I have ever had.  I am normally totally a muffin person, but I think I am becoming a scone convert.

So.  Something really good and awesome and happy happened at the farmer’s market after I ate my scone but I don’t want to tell you all about it because I don’t want to jinx it.  So I kind of just told you, without really telling you.  So there.

If you’re a blogger, are you ever afraid of jinxing something by “saying it aloud” on the blog?

Today was supposed to be a Sunday long run day, but I didn’t want to wake up super early, then it ended up raining the whole day anyway.  I moved around my scheduled runs for the week so that I can do it tomorrow (hello 6 AM).  I love Google calendar because it lets you drag and drop events from one day to another.  I ended up doing a 30 minute abs class at the gym today followed by a six mile run that included 4 fast 800s (half-miles).  The 800s were hard but not killer hard.  I used to flat-out hate speedwork but now I think I have more of a love-hate relationship with it.  It feels so goooooood afterwards but during it I just wanna die (usually).  Regular running never gets my heart rate up or makes my face red or anything.  Today’s speedy 800s sure did though!

It ended up pouring for the whole second half of my run.  Somehow I don’t have a problem running less than an hour in the rain.  I just couldn’t face two hours.  Not sure why.

Enough running!

Eats hodgepodge:

Yogurt with a warmed peach and honey and granola.  Afternoon snackage perfection.

I’m pretty sure I ate an entire half of a big cantaloupe over the last two days.

Dates, carrots, PB, and more PB plate.  I am loving dates lately!

Pasta, lots of veggies, and tofu.  With a side of more veggies with guac.  One of the smartest things my mother ever taught me: you can never have too many vegetables.

Good eats (although maybe a little too much last night?  It’s so hard to tell with marathon training!).  Good running.  Good friends.  Good adventures.

Good weekend.

Update me on your lives my friends!  What’s going on where you are?

Home Is Where…

Today’s Happy Note: Family dinner!  I have not had a beautiful, home cooked family dinner with all members of my family (mom, dad, sister, me, cat) present at the same time in months, if not a year or more.  It was delicious, comforting, and loving.  🙂  And yes, my parents are divorced.  They’re still best friends!

Vegetables galore!

Pad thai cooking away!  My sister has the best pad thai recipe outside of Thailand.

My sister and me! Some people seem to think we’re twins, others think we look nothing alike.  She’s actually five years older.


Yesterday (Friday): 6 mile run plus four hours worth of MOVING  which I did entirely by myself.  It was a serious workout.  At one point a friend helped me lift a huge box back onto a dolly, and another friend returned a rolling bin for me, but everything else was all me.  Independent women rule.

Today (Saturday): Travelling with heavy bags.  Hey, that’s serious — I was lugging my bags around for five hours.  Won’t go into the details of why (JFK airport=evil) but suffice it to say my arms are feeling it right now.

So as you’ve probably noticed by now, yesterday I MOVED and today I am “HOME”. But, proximity does not imply relationship!  I did move, but not back home.  I moved into my apartment for the summer and then flew back to Michigan today.  Needless to say it’s been an exhausting two days, and I want to go cuddle with my sister and have some ice cream right about now.

Up in the air!

Random selection of eats from the past few days:

Biscoff.  In honor of Kath!

Cookie Friday and caramel fudge lite choice in one day.  It was that kind of a day.

Storytime: Home

Two and a half years ago, after about a semester of living in NYC, I felt decently at home there.  I knew that I felt a special connection to the city and that it would probably be an extraordinarily meaningful place for me.  I knew how I felt looking across the rivers, finding beautiful buildings, or noticing a depth of cultural diversity.  I knew these things made me thrilled and happy and I even referred to the city as my “home.”  Well, actually, I thought of the city as one of my homes, with my town in Michigan and the house that I grew up in being my other home.  They were both my special places.  In Michigan, I have open spaces with the most lovely pumpkin fields and running trails that wind lazily through meadows.  In New York, I have wonderful buzzing streets and 20-story buildings and thousands of restaurants in reach.

My father picked me up from the airport this afternoon.  As we made our way along the highway and then along smaller city roads and then onto the little side street where my house sits — looking content and almost serene — I had one of the biggest realizations I’ve had in a long while: New York is not only where I live now.  It is my home.  New York being my home was a story that I told myself for the last three years, and in a small sense, it was true.  But in the larger sense — of “home” being where my life and love and passions and future and everyday joy comes from — I wasn’t quite ready to declare the city my home.  It is now, and I suddenly knew this quite clearly today.

At the same time I feel a deep longing for my family.  I am not a child, but I am still a rather young person: I’m twenty years old.  I have been living on my own for three years now and I still miss them deeply, daily.  Many people refer to “home” as a place where their family is, and in that sense, I will always have a home in Michigan.  But in 5-10 years I think I will have my own family and I believe that it will surely be in New York.  With that said, being here, with the three people in the world for whom I have the most powerful, beautiful feeling of love, is a gift.  My mother, sister, and I have not lived together in seven years.  That’s more than a third of my life.  I intend to treasure this time with them (a week and a half) as I suspect that, outside of vacations, it is the last time we will be together in one place.  And not any place either, our original home.  Where we climb crab apple trees and jump from thick ropy willows and hide under the sleeping bags in the basement and sit at the same mahogany walnut wood dining table that we have sat at since before I was born.

The conclusion?  I love both places — among other places that are meaningful,including a special spot in Northern Michigan and Ottawa, the capital of Canada — but New York has moved from a place that I live to a home.  When I walk down Broadway and know exactly how the ground feels at every street corner, I know this.  I feel it.  When I lie down in the sun in Central Park I feel a bit like a compass, sometimes.  Like a compass that knows exactly where it’s pointing and wants to point in that direction.  I sprawl out into a star shape, my limbs different places in my life.  And through all this, I am centered in the city.  The gorgeous, flying city.  City like a flock of birds.

Finals Challenge Day 2 And Yummy Study Eats

Today’s Happy Note: Talking to my sister!  I always forget to call her but hearing her voice and listening to what’s going on in her life always makes me happy.  Hi Darya!  I love you!

Guess what!  I just finished my second 15-page paper of the semester!  That means two 15-pagers and one 8-pager down, one 10 page take home final and one in class final to go.  And then I’m a senior!  Gah!  I am definitely over the hump in terms of workload and I feel so very relieved.  I can’t believe I’m 3/4 of the way through college. Weird.

Finals Week Health Challenge (Day 2):

1. Check!  I got my weight lifting and my HIIT on (for 30 minutes each) this morning.  I was way sweatier than usual; I hate that about summer.  I’m already susceptible to sweat overload and humidity makes it that much worse.  Yick. Anyone have any summer workout tips?

2. Check!  I was a produce (and Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread) monster today.  I had a banana, lunch salad with greens, eggplant, carrots, mushroom, and artichoke, and carrots, broccoli, and more mixed greens with dinner.  I would have liked to have a bit more fruit (I was craving a crunchy apple or grapes this afternoon) but the fresh produce budget is low low low right now.  I actually had a really funny conversation with my mom the other day; we were filling out financial aid forms together )over the phone) and she needed to know things like how much money I made last summer and what my expenditures were.  As I was trying to figure out where all my savings went, I said, “But mom, they don’t seem to be accounting for my expensive produce habit!”  We both laughed.  I guess better an expensive produce habit than an expensive obesity-related illness habit.

3. Check! Just had a very chocolatey dessert and haven’t been too snacky at all today or this evening.

4. Check!  My “date” (which, by the way, was very fun — we had lunch and talked for a long time, and he said we should hang out this summer!) instilled a little bit of confidence in me!  It was nice.  I actually told myself that I looked good in the dress that I wore.  Which I think I do!

Hodgepodge of study eats from the past few days (I think Monica’s blog tagline is apt here “running around and eating a lot, mostly healthy sometimes not!”):

This dinner was my attempt at being macrobiotic.  I loved my dinner at Souen a few weeks ago so much that I decided to recreate it!  I think I was actually pretty successful, minus the rice.  I has brown rice, pinto beans, greens salad, steamed broccoli, and roasted carrots, all topped with some Annie’s Goddess dressing, which tasted surprisingly similar to the creamy miso tahini dressing I had at Souen.  I really enjoyed this dinner and I think it was pretty complete and healthy.  Minus the roasting off the carrots, everything came together in ten minutes.  The rice was a failure though; dry, hard, icky.  I think maybe I really just don’t like rice.

So I’ve been eating lots of easy but yummy meals.  I am out of frozen berries but am hoping a quick trip to WF tomorrow will remedy that, so that I can eat even more smoothies.

I’m off to read and enjoy a well-deserved night off from schoolwork (although seeing as I worked until eleven I’m not sure how much of a night off it really is)!  Back to the grind tomorrow.

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather friends!  What’s new and exciting in your lives?

Smooth(ie) Saturday

Today’s Happy Note: Emailing with a blog friend and helping her out.  It made me feel useful or valuable!  And in a way, blogging, for me, is all about trying to help both myself and others with their health — mental, physical, spiritual, whatever.  I have truly come to adore the blogging community; when I need help, others are there for me; when someone else is struggling, I do what I can.  It’s a nice little world to have!

Thanks everybody for the tips from yesterday!  So thoughtful.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mention one minor detail: I lack significant freezer space.  I have a mini fridge and the freezer is about the size of a peanut butter jar.  I can fit one item in at a time; usually I freeze fruit for smoothies, although maybe I’ll alternate frozen fruit with veggies for the next few weeks.  Thanks!

Exercise: I woke up this morning knowing that there would be a group run for the running club at eleven, but had no idea how far I wanted to go.  I honestly couldn’t decide if it was a four mile day or a fourteen mile day!  Normally I am more sure before I set out, but it was nice to have a little flexibility.  I ran a few miles with some girls from the club and then they split off to do a shorter run and I decided on  medium-long run.  It was the perfect compromise!   Smooth, Caronae.  Smooth.  (BTW, that is such a weird word!)  I ended up doing nine miles through Central Park.  It was a lovely day, but it was quite crowded.  Meh.  It wasn’t that hot at all (the little electronic billboard at Columbus Circle said 60 degrees) but I was sweating buckets and dying of thirst — my lips and throat were getting so dry that I just had to keep swallowing my own spit.  It was disgusting.  I stopped for water at drinking fountains at least three times, but it never seemed to make a dent in my thirst.  Very weird, no? Does this ever happen to anybody else? Normally I can go quite far without water when it isn’t boiling; I’m like a little camel.  Only I don’t have humps.  Duh.

Eats: This weather has been making me want nothing but smoothies.  Seriously, I could eat them for every single meal and every single snack right now.  My blender is such a life-saver.  It is going to be so useful on those dripping hot NYC summer days when all I want to do is pass out (literally) in a giant, cool puddle.  But I won’t have to do that because I have a blender and I can make delicious icy smoothies!  With frozen berries or peaches or bananas and all sorts of yummy things!  I consumed two today.  SIAB style, of course!

What other veggies can easily be added to smoothies besides spinach? I saw Kath do lettuce once and Heather do cucumbers, but I’m a bit afraid!  Does it taste good?

I’m so excited to experiment with summer salads once I’m free from school and living in an apartment with a (hopefully) better kitchen and (hopefully) more free time.  Eggplant, basil, carrots, asparagus, peaches, berries, wheat pasta, beans, lentils — there are so many delicious ingredients to be experimented with!  Anybody have a favorite summer-y salad recipe?

There is one warm thing I don’t stop craving just because it’s hot: oatmeal! I just had some oats in a pb jar for a little snack, actually!  It’s just a perfect breakfast, all year long, although I may rotate in cereal once in a while. 🙂  Maybe.  And it’s smooth.

Social life: I went to a “party” with the running club last night.  It was decently fun, but a bit boring.  I am such a geek though, I can never seem to stay out much past midnight.  11:30 rolls around and I’m ready to go have a snack, read, and turn off the lights!  At least I still find some ways to get in quality social interaction.  I am clearly so socially smooth. Tonight I went to a concert on campus and then a play in the student center that my best friend was in.  Definitely enough friend-time for one day!  I also managed to get a small amount of reading done, although not much.  I was reading outside on a lawn since it was so sunny and I was sitting next to a group of sorority girls who were having the most idiotic discussion ever.  It was so totally distracting!  They just talked about parties, painting their nails, other girls, and clothes the whole time.  These things are fine, but somehow, they made it sound really, really stupid.  Score one for the boys.  At least they’re upfront about the idiocy of their conversations.

Nut Butters, Fun Workout, Blogger Meetup, And Easy Weeknight Dinners

Today’s Happy Note: The flowering trees (cherry, magnolia, etc.) are all perfect and so beautiful in the city right now.  I feel like the lend a gracefulness to such a big, crowded space.  I kept seeing people sniffing at them all day long.  Made me ecstatic.

This post shall have four parts.  Because I say so.  And because there are four parts to its title.

Part I: Nut Butter!

I have had several different jars of nut butters open recently and they all ended within a few days of each other.  This meant lots of OIAJ’s, but it also means that I am now nut-butterless.

Look how cute they all are sitting there in the sun together!  These three jars tasted especially fabulous and I would highly recommend any and all of them: Trader Joe’s almond butter with flax, Justin’s maple almond butter, and Naturally Nutty honey roasted cinnamon peanut butter.

RIP Nut butters.  I got all these jars at the same time, roughly 3.5 weeks ago.  If 3.5 weeks is 24 days, then that means I went through each jar in 8 days.  If I went through each jar in 8 days and each jar has 12 servings, that must mean I eat an average of 1.5 servings of nut butter a day.  Interesting!  I actually suspect it’s a bit closer to 2 because I got two of the above jars a few days after the first.  In case you can’t tell, I like math.  And numbers.

What’s you favorite nut butter (type of nut, brand, flavor)?  What is your average nut butter consumption rate?

Part II: Fun Workout

I got out of my last class at six and was planning on going to the gym but was really dreading it.  I told myself that I could skip the gym, but only if I went for a run outside.  It was a lovely, clear evening and this sounded nicer.  Lesson #1: If something sounds unappealing, don’t do it!  Find an alternative.  So I headed out the door and into Riverside Park.  I made a deal with myself that if I really wasn’t feeling it, I could turn around after a mile and just do 2 for the day.  That was it.  Surprise surprise, I finished a mile and felt great.  I ended up doing six!  Lesson #2: Just get started.  If you don’t love it, again, try something else.

I did three miles out along the river, then stopped and did 20 minutes of balancing yoga poses and core work.  It was really run to do it in the middle of the run and totally kept me entertained and kept my body guessing!  I then ran the three miles back home with a smile on my face.

What do you do when you reaaallllly don’t want to go to the gym?  How do you make working out “fun”?

Part III: Blogger Meetup

Sunday afternoon I had a blogger lunch at Wild Ginger with Gabriela, Marina, and Missy!  It was great fun.  I have only ever met Kath in real life before so I didn’t know what to expect, but I suspected I might have some things in common with them.  And I was right!  Gabriela and I are in the same year of college (only she’s at my rival school!), Missy and I both have a cereal problem, and Marina and I both love exploring all the unique neighborhoods downtown!  Who knew!  We had lots to talk about, and lots of yummy things to eat, of course.  My dish was based around a stir-fry with random veggies, soy protein, and a pumpkin sauce.  I would have preferred tempeh or tofu to the soy protein (basically fake meat with an off-putting texture) but it still tasted good because of the sauce!  The rice was supposed to be coconutty, but it just tasted like wild rice to me.  Now that I have tried Souen (recap here — I’ll have to go with Maggie next time!) and Wild Ginger, I really want to explore more fun restaurants in the city!

Any suggestions where I should start?  Favorite restaurants in the city?  Favorite blogs about restaurants in the city?

Part IV: Easy Weeknight Dinners

I haven’t been grocery shopping in a while now (time and money constraints  — I probably won’t get to go until Friday) and wanted something easy but also tasty and filling tonight.  All of this came together in under ten minutes!

First, I washed and chopped the last of my veggies (tear!) — three large carrots and two broccoli stalks — and put them in a pan with a little EVOO on medium high heat.  I let them cook for a while, then added a can of pinto beans.  Meanwhile I cooked a 2-egg puff in the microwave.  I ate the eggs,  about half of the bean/veggie mixture, and a side of two small corn tortillas.  I ended up adding a little salt to the bean mix.  So incredibly easy.  Seriously, I don’t understand why people say they don’t have time to cook; you can do it!  Even college students can.  I ran into a boy on my floor as I was making this who had just gotten takeout from a place about a five minute walk away (it was a burrito).  Assuming it took him ten minutes to walk there and back and five minutes to order, my dinner was actually faster!  And healthier.  And most likely cheaper, per serving.  Score.

My go-to week night dinners are almost always stir-fries; it’s so easy to throw a bunch of veggies, seasonings, and protein into a pan.  I also like egg scrambles/omelets, fish (a one inch thick piece can usually bake in just 10-12 minutes!), salads with lots of toppings, or simple sandwiches (i.e., hummus, cheese, and spinach or almond butter and jam).

What are your favorite easy weeknight dinners?

Goodnight friends.  Happy Wednesday, you’re halfway there!

Evil School, Chocomize, Emotional Eating

Daily Creativity: Prose poems!  I am taking a class on prose forms and some weeks we do workshops.  I worked really hard on my piece for today and the teacher seemed to like it.  Yay 🙂

Sorry for the unexpected absence last night my friends!  I had to attack a very evil paper.  Random fact: I’m actually quite bad at writing papers, including essay-style exams.  And I hate them.  And I’m a procrastinator.  Bad combination of attributes.

I love doing readings (at least when they’re interesting) and I love creative assignments and writing poems and prose though.  I don’t mind making my way through hundreds of pages of details on Saudi Arabian history, but tell me to write a paper, and, well, I quake in my boots.

Were you a good student?  Do you/did you like writing papers or prefer other assignments?

I won’t lie: in high school I was that obnoxious girl who cried if I got an A-…

Now for a hodgepodge of eats!

My chocomize bars! I saw these on a few blogs, including Meghann’s, and knew I wanted some for myself.  But I also knew that customizable chocolate bars,while ingenious, weren’t really in my budget.  But, upon visiting the website and learning that they graduated from my school a few years ago, I was intrigued and decided to go out on a limb and ask for some samples!  And guess what?  The owners were so sweet and kind and sent me two amazing bars to review!  I could not be more thrilled.  Chocolate, fun toppings, packages in the mail?  Marry me, chocomize.  Please?

I’ve already eaten one and a half bars in two days.  Lord.  But they are so tasty that the indulgence is absolutely worth it.

First up: dark chocolate with m & m’s, peanuts, and pretzels with a decorative butterfly decal thingy (!!!!).  First of all, props to me for picking such a yummy combination.  This was perfect; it was like a peanut butter chocolate covered pretzel, with extra chocolate.  Yes.  Please.  The top of the bar is loaded with the toppings too; no skimping here.  These flavors worked well together, but so did the textures.  It was just the right amount of crunchy and creamy.  The only suggestion I might have would be that some people might want certain toppings baked into the bars.  With this bar, I think it would have been really interesting to have the pretzels and peanuts inside the bar and the m & m’s on top.  I  don’t think all toppings would be cool inside the bars though.  It’d be fun if customers could choose.

Second bar: Milk chocolate with cinnamon, dried mango dices, and macadamia nuts.  Oh my god.  Just kill me now.  Oh wait,  I’ve already died.  And gone to heaven.  Foodie heaven.  And let me tell you it is a very special place.  The milky sweetness of the bar complemented the generous dust of cinnamon perfectly, and the (giant) macadamia nuts broke up the visual look and the texture of the bar.  For some reason they didn’t seem to have a super strong nutty flavor, but I didn’t really mind.  The mango dices added another type of sweetness and a chewiness to an already yummy slab of chocolate.  Good thing I still have half this bar left.

Conclusions: Ordering these bars was one of the best calls I’ve ever made.  Better than going to college or moving to New York or any of that serious business.  This is what life is about: enjoying something so simple, yet so yummy.  As long as you have some vegetables with your dinner, I’d say you’re clear to eat this baby.  So go ahead.  Visit chocomize.  You can order your bar with everything from gold flakes to rose petals to peppercorn to dried cantaloupe.  This is one of the cutest, kindest, most innovative food companies I have encountered in a while and I would encourage everyone who isn’t allergic to dairy or cocoa to support them.  One day, when I have a real job and am rich, I will eat chocomize every single day.

Disclaimer: I received these bars for free.  I was not paid to write this review or say great things about them.

Wow, that totally ended up being longer than I expected.  I guess I’ll let the pictures do some talking!

I have a lot of thoughts about food and emotion and the complex connections between them floating around in my head.  Last night I ate way too much and I realized how lonely I felt and it seemed totally obvious: I was using food as a friend.  But food is not a human friend!  It nourishes my body and can certainly be a source of pleasure sometimes, but it is not a replacement for a friend.  This post is getting too long though so I’m going to go into more detail tomorrow!  Stay tuned…

Are you a chocolate person?  If not, what do you think might be wrong with you?

PS — send some good vibes towards Stef while she recovers in the hospital!

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