Sweet And Savory/Therapy Monday

Today’s Happy Note: I had the most delicious breakfast with the juiciest blackberries I have ever consumed in my entire life!

Exercise: Shred Level 2 (does anyone else think this one is harder than Level 3?  It’s those damn v-raise shoulder thingies at the end…) and somewhere between one and two miles of walking.  Would have done a bit more but it was raining.  A lot.

Eats: I have been loving sweet and savory stuff together lately!  This is weird for me because normally I like them on their own, but I’ve found that combining them can be super fun.  I have lots of ideas in my head for future combinations!  Meat with berries, shrimp and brown sugar, carrots and maple syrup, sweet potato and banana, vanilla yogurt with quinoa…

Sometimes I don’t really know how my brain works.  But it has gotten me this far in life so I’ll take it, I suppose.

So that breakfast I told you about in my Happy Note?  I have pictures.  Lots of them.  It won’t be quite as good as if I could give you all samples, but they shall have to do.  Oh the pitfalls of food blogging!

This is Three Sister’s Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal cooked up with water and blackberries then poured into a near-empty AB jar.  Topped with a French Vanilla yogurt hat.

Look at that purple blackberry deliciousness.  Sigh.  I might have this for breakfast everyday.  For the rest of my life.

Bowl.  Of.  Morning.  Bliss.

This is one of the best oatmeal combinations I’ve ever heard.  I love trying new fruits in my oats!  What’s your favorite fruit or other oatmeal add-in?

Other culinary highlight of the day:

Introducing almond butter and jam eggs.

It might look a little funky, but I assure you, this is beyond good.  One of my rare moments of kitchen genius.  And it’s so easy, your three year old could probably make it.

Simply crack an egg in a microwaveable safe bowl and whisk until scrambled.  Top with a half-tablespoon (ish) of your favorite jam (I used mango butter) and a tablespoon of nut butter (I used maple almond).  DO NOT stir in the AB and jam yet.  Microwave on high thirty seconds.  Take it out and NOW stir everything together. Microwave for another thirty seconds.  Consume in about five seconds flat.

I’ve been wanting to try sweet eggs for a while and am so glad I did.  I think that maybe you can add PB and  J (or some variation thereof) to anything and it will taste good.  I might have to try a PB and J salad next…

Therapy Monday:

I actually don’t have a lot to say today, believe it or not.  How very un-Caronaeish.  I started out talking about running — last weekend’s half-marathon and my upcoming ultramarathon — and then somehow we started talking about professional athletes and endurance in general.  It was really nice having a semi-normal conversation with my psychologist actually.  I mean we still made insights and I definitely talked about me, but it was nice not having this intense analyzing thing going on for the whole hour.  She told me, firmly, that I am an athlete.  Sometimes I doubt myself in regards to my athleticism: I don’t win awards or break records, but I do spend hours training every week and pushing myself.  So it was nice to hear her tell me that a) I am an athlete and b) I have athletic talents: namely, my endurance.

Then we talked a little bit about my family and I shared my scariest childhood memory (already wrote about it so I won’t share again).  I definitely experienced inconsistencies in my childhood and hated it; at school/home/family/friends.  Whatever it was, I hated change.  There were two bad things that my teachers always wrote on my report cards: Caronae does not like change and Caronae does not work well in groups.  I think both of them make sense, looking back.  And I have gotten soooooo much better at both: I am proud of this.  I think my group-work hatred has shifted towards effective leadership and trust, and my hatred of change has morphed into a good thing: today, when there is a major shift or transition, I approach it with caution, but I also let myself simmer in the new joys and feelings that change can bring.  Normally when I travel back and forth between MI and NYC, I take days, weeks, or months to adjust to one environment over the other.  I noticed that I din’t experience that during spring break, for the first time ever.  Maybe I have grown.  Or maybe I’ve gotten better at taking care of myself — physically and mentally — and of observing the world around me and making minor adjustments.  I think this is it.

Today my therapist said something along the lines of “happy people are kind people.  I’ve never met a happy mean person.”  So true.  And guess what?  As I become happier I am becoming nicer, and vice versa.  I like this.  It’s calming to feel like I can finally begin reaching out towards others who may be unhappy or struggling; this in turn helps me feel stronger and just more in-tune with myself.  In-tune is a good thing.

Off to go spend some time with my main man Marx!  Kidding.  He’s sort of a weirdo.  But a thoughtful, interesting weirdo.

Happy (almost) Tuesday!