Twitter, Calming Yoga, UNWFP Blogger Against Hunger!

Today’s Happy Note: Afternoon nap. ¬†I might have to make this a regular Friday afternoon activity. ūüôā

Before beginning, I just need to say that, apparently, someone used the term “asparagus therapy” to find my blog yesterday. ¬†I’m totally curious. ¬†Not sure how the two go together; if you’re the “asparagus therapy” searcher feel free to leave a comment and let me know what “asparagus therapy” might mean!

No post yesterday because WordPress was down! ¬†It was kind of scary. ¬†For a while you couldn’t access any wordpress hosted sites. ¬†Fortunately, my new tweeps assured me that all was okay; everyone was experiencing problems. ¬†Unfortunately, WordPress relaunched right as I was about to go to bed.

That’s right friends: I’m on twitter. ¬†To be honest, there was no special reason. ¬†I am not trying to market the blog, I just like writing out my thoughts (as you probably know by now) and I like the challenge of making it short! ¬†It’s fun to feel like you can be in immediate communication with friends as well. ¬†My twitter name is Caronaeh. ¬†Are you on twitter? ¬†What was your reason for joining?

Two great workouts! ¬†Yesterday I took the bootcamp class at my gym again (hard!) followed by an easy three mile run. ¬†Today I did an hour yoga flow class at Yoga Vida, which is by far my favorite NYC studio. ¬†I do not just do yoga for the physical workout; it is also very emotional and spiritual for me. ¬†Despite being physically difficult, it is also deeply relaxing. ¬†Today towards the end of class while in a lovely hanging forward fold, I had the most intense calm, happy, peaceful moment. ¬†I simultaneously felt elated and grounded — it was splendid. ¬†I can’t remember the last name I felt like this. ¬†It felt like a release from my earthly problems. ¬†It reminded me how silly it is to turn to unhealthy methods to “solve” my problems (i.e., restricting or emotional eating, isolating myself, getting angry/sad) when I have something so simple and so lovely to soothe me. ¬†Next time I’m feeling overwhelmed, confused, hurt, or just depressed, I know exactly what I’ll do: take a nice long forward fold.

Do you have a favorite relaxation technique?

Eats hodgepodge: things have been pretty simple the last few days because I was low on groceries. ¬†Trader Joe’s solved that problem this evening. ūüôā

As you can see, I’ve been having fun throwing things in the blender. ¬†I feel like blender possibilities are endless. ¬†Tonight’s dessert: loads of ice, chocolate whey protein powder, low-fat chocolate milk, scoop of peanut butter. ¬†Topped with a crumbled cookie. ¬†Noms.

Your favorite blender combo?

You can probably see a new widget on the side of my blog! ¬†I have joined the Unites Nations World Food Porgram (WFP) Bloggers Against Hunger group! ¬†I may be a student on a budget, so I don’t have a lot of money to give to the many worthy organizations I would love to support, but I can at least spread awareness. ¬†Growing up, my parents made sure to impress upon my sister and me the many injustices in this world. ¬†While I grew up in my comfortable suburban home in the 90s, children in, say Rwanda or Bosnia, were dying of hunger or genocide or preventable disease.

If you click on the photo on the side it will take you to my “homepage” at UNWFP. ¬†I am not asking for donations or anything, rather, please just click around and learn more about the program. ¬†I am a huge supporter of the United Nations and the invaluable work they do in supporting global cooperation.

Some important information about hunger:

I’ll be back with an adventure tomorrow! ¬†And an interview post, hopefully.

Have a spectacular Adventure Saturday everybody!