Happy Sleep, Happy Eats, Happy Self

Today’s Happy Note: I just saw the cutest commercial ever.  It was for chiquita bananas and showed a little baby banana traveling to our stores….adorable.

Seeing commercials for things like bananas makes me happy!  Better advertisements for bananas than Lucky Charms and Double Stuf Oreos.

Speaking of produce. Go read this article.  It talks about organic vs. non-organic produce in terms of pesticide contamination.  Holy wow!  Many common produce items contain 47-67 pesticides!  Egads.  I think the best option is local; I get as much produce from the farmer’s market as possible.  After that, I get organic when affordable.  Some organics are priced similarly to conventionals, while others are a bit outrageous (like grapes).  One of the scary things about this article was that it put forward the idea that some pesticides can’t even be scrubbed off of produce — the chemicals actually seep into the entire plant.  Yuck.  As a student constantly on a budget, this is something I worry about.  Do you worry about this? Maybe it’s not worth the worrying.  I do the best  I can.

No workout today!  I read a post on Fitnessista the other day where she mentioned she woke up tired and skipped a morning workout.  So simple (and obvious –duh Caronae) but so brilliant!  I often drag myself out of bed in the morning to get a workout in before the rest of the day takes over.  Today I opted for the sleep.

Early morning wokrout pros:

  • It’s over and done with
  • Energizes me for the rest of my day
  • Cool outside, not too humid
  • Leaves time in the evening to relax
  • I can’t put it off

Late afternoon/evening workout pros:

  • Sleeping in a bit
  • Leisurely breakfast/morning
  • Less likely to be late for work
  • Makes me tired for bed

In my mind, morning workouts work better for me.  The only problem is that I need an inordinate amount of sleep.  It’s taken me a while to come to terms with this.  I’m not one of these 6-7 hours a night people.  I need 8-9 hours if I am going to be functional and energetic during my day.  I’ve been doing well going to bed early, but sometimes I want to be out with my friends.  I think this is something I’ll have to play by ear; some mornings are going to be more inviting than others.

Lots of happy eats today!

Dinner: exactly what I was craving.  Vanilla Almond Butter and raspberry jam with a side of apple slices.  Disordered eating fact: I have a secret fear of eating fruit (as opposed to vegetables) with dinner.  Fruit has more calories and more sugar, obviously, but it is also perfectly good for you.  And I had plenty of veggies with lunch.  Tonight I was really craving an apple so I went for it!  Perfect little side dish.

Notice the little G&B?  Green and Black’s 70% is my go-to dark chocolate.  Never fails.  Creamy but also deeply chocolaty.

Mental Health Note: No therapy this week (L on vacation)!  Makes me a little nervous.  I’ll probably do some journaling tonight, maybe a little bit of stream of consciousness type of stuff.  I need to at least get some thoughts out; sometimes in therapy I just spew and spew and spew.  I’ll miss L’s insights and kindnesses this week.  But that just means I’ll have to come up with my own!  Here’s to being kind to myself!

Happy Rewards and Silly Friends

Today’s Happy Note: Guess who just finished her junior year of college? 🙂

And boy am I ready to be done.  This week has been exhausting.  I am very ready for summer!  I actually like working a lot and I feel more adult during the summer.  I don’t tend to run wild and I love how the season lets me get into a rhythm and a schedule in the way that the school year really doesn’t.  I am planning a few exciting little projects to keep me entertained so stay tuned!

I decided to celebrate my little junior year graduation with two of my favorite things: Oprah magazine and frozen yogurt!

I like to have a balance of food and non-food rewards, so a frozen treat combined with a magazine is perfect for me!  My next big accomplishment will probably be rewarded with a massage!  Hmm, I’ll have to think of something to accomplish 🙂

Do you reward yourself?  If so, what is your favorite little treat?

Finals Health Week Challenge:

Yesterday (day 4) was kind of meh.  I had a lot to do so I knew I wasn’t really going to have time for a workout.  I might have had room for a walk if I hadn’t procrastinated so much.  People are always shocked to hear this but I am actually a major procrastinator!  On everything.  And it just turned into one of those days where you almost don’t have the energy to think up meals or snacks so you just eat cereal all day.  Does anyone else ever do this?  Hey, I had a lot of frozen fruit with my cereal.  That counts for something!

Mash-up of eats from yesterday and today:

Lots of healthy nom nom noms.

I think I did pretty well today (day 5).  I did a relaxing but pretty quick nine miler this morning and walked another two or so miles this evening.  I think my amount of physical activity today probably made up for not doing too much yesterday!  I’ve had a nice mix of treats and nutrition, too: dried berries, popcorn, raisins, peppers and broccoli, chocolate, spinach, frozen yogurt.  You get the picture.  I had two really nice, clear mental moments today too: once was after I finished writing my contemporary civilization exam (my last one).  I suddenly realized that I am a smart woman!  I just wrote, like, 15 pages about the implications of liberty for human equality in the political state!  I don’t think I’m stupid.  🙂  The next moment came this evening at the movies with friends, when we were goofing around and taking funny pictures of each other.  I saw a picture of me and one of my friends and for the first time in a long time, my immediate reaction was “gosh, that girl looks pretty and interesting”, rather than “that girl looks fat.”  Sounds silly, but this is a big deal for me!

I did have an Adventure today for Adventure Friday (saw Ironman II with friends — surprisingly good) but am too tired to write about it!  I am planning on having an adventure tomorrow though so you guys won’t be too adventure deprived.

I think this picture pretty much sums up the evening!  My friends and I are quite silly…We were trying to pose in front of the Sex and The City poster but it didn’t really work out.

Has anyone done an Adventure Friday post? If so, send me the link and I would love to read it and share it with my other readers!

I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend filled with lots of laughter and contentment!  And pretty May flowers too!

Green Things and Good Things

Today’s Happy Note: Green things!  Everything from tree buds to salads to green monsters and green dresses.  Green means spring and I like it!

Sorry for my unexpected absence last night friends!  I’m sure you can guess he culprit — schoolwork, obvs.  Icky, but has to be done.  Fortunately I did a much better job of planning my schedule today so I have time to blog!  I think taking one week night off seems to work well, but that night needs to shift around from week to week.  I like to shake things up!

Good news: I GOT A JOB WORKING FOR A NON-PROFIT I LOVE THIS SUMMER!!!!!  And it’s paid.  Just not a lot.  It’s a part-time/evening gig which means that I will be able to work other times at my current job and hopefully save a little bit of money.  I am quite excited about being in NYC over the summer; I love not having classes and homework and being able to plan out my day and my life the way I want to.  It makes me feel very adult 🙂

Exercise: I did an easy five miles yesterday.  I was going to take a rest day, but it was so nice out I just couldn’t.  I did a mini yoga sesh by myself afterwards.  I love tree pose so much right now!  Makes me feel calm and balanced but also strong.

Today I did seven and a half miles, definitely faster than yesterday.  It was about 58-60 degrees when I went (at 7 am) but it was unbelievably humid!  I was drenched when I got back and sucked down three full water bottles by nine.  Today’s run reminded me how ambivalent I am about summertime running.  It can just get so damn hot and humid that it’s unbearable.   I don’t think I could ever live in the South!

Hopefully my body adjusts a bit by the time June rolls around and it starts getting into the 80s and 90s!

Eats: Lots of random munchings lately — all of which have been good!  Here’s a sampling…

Multiple salads larger than my head 🙂

Green SIABs.

Oatmeal with melty nut butter and easter candy.

Random food thoughts, in list format because I love lists:

1. Lemon-lime twist zevia is the most disgusting drink I have ever had in my entire life.  When I was little I loved Sprite.  I dunno if I have just really come to dislike processed foods or what, but I think this stuff is actually worse than Sprite.  Please don’t buy it, please.  Has anyone tried the other zevia flavors?  I had black cherry steaz last week and it was really good; maybe it’s just this brand of stevia-sweetened drinks that’s gross.

2. Why does my soy milk have 12 g carbs and 3 g protein?  This is just wrong.  I am guessing it’s because it’s the chocolate kind, but still, that’s inappropriate.  Soy milk is supposed to be a protein, I’m pretty sure, not a carb.  I need to be a more diligent label reader, I guess.

3. In the last year as I’ve learned about processed foods, I have stopped wanting them!  Sure, I get the occasional TJ’s pre-made stuff (ahem, ginger cat cookies) and I’ll never totally break up with bars, but I would say a vast majority of my diet is made up of whole foods at this point.  No more yoplait light or 100 calorie goldfish packs.  Now that I know how awesome a cheesy veggie and egg scramble or a perfectly seasoned medium-rare steak is, I find myself craving those things instead.  This afternoon for my snack, I only wanted a plain turkey burger and some cashews!

4. Another thing I have gotten infinitely better at: self-regulating/moderation.  I was making cookies for a bake sale tonight and of course I had to snack on a bite of dough and a few of the m and m’s that I was adding in, but after a few bites I realized I didn’t want anymore!  I’d already had dessert and wasn’t in the mood for more sugar.  I love how my body is really getting better at listening to itself.

5. Why oh why is produce so expensive?  Sure, four dollars for a bag of spinach doesn’t seem so bad, but when a bag of spinach only lasts me four days, that’s eight dollars a week on spinach alone!  Grrrr.

Sorry this post is kind of all over the place.  Sometimes my brain works in spurts and my thoughts just aren’t coherent.  Meh.  Also sorry I haven’t been the best commenter/reader lately; busy busy week, but come Thursday and Friday I’ll be back.

Happy middle of the week everybody!