Eating Things In Jars

Today’s Happy Note: Lots of time talking with an awesome friend tonight. ūüôā ¬†Sometimes that is exactly what you need!

Looooonnnngggggg day.  Started at 8:00 AM and ended at 10:00 pm.  In and out of the apartment, at the store, at the office, on the phone, frantically emailing, on the bus, to another store, picking up bagels, on the computer, entering data into spreadsheets, organizing last day of classes for second job, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Mental Health Note: I practically didn’t have time to breathe. ¬†But I have learned something really valuable about myself in the last year or so: when I have days or moments like this, frantically, overwhelmingly busy, I tend to wind up sad, anxious, ¬†and depressed. ¬†I tend to get riled up and never get un-riled. ¬†So I like to plan out something nice for myself in advance! ¬†okay, so I didn’t really plan today. ¬†But ¬†it worked out, because I got to spend some quality time with two great friends. ¬† Talking and giggling and wondering and smiling and just knowing each other. ¬†I love that.

No time for a workout today! ¬†I thought about getting up at 6 to run but I wasn’t in bed until 2. ¬†I slept in until 8 instead, which was definitely the better choice. ¬†I was on my feet all day though; definitely walked several miles. ¬†And lugged around several pounds of juice and bagels all over the city. ¬†This is what my job entails.

I made a most excellent food discovery today! ¬†You all know I love my OIAJ. ¬†Well, introducing…

Stir Fry In A Jar!

Last night I wanted something easy to make and portable to take. ¬†I had an almost-empty Mighty Maple pb jar in the fridge. ¬†The cogs in my head started moving…I love maple and peanuts in a stir fry. ¬†I had everything I needed on hand: tofu, salt, EVOO, lemon pepper, green bell pepper, carrots and rice. ¬†I sauteed everything together and steamed the rice then combined.

Holy moly this was wonderful!  Like, maybe life-changing-wonderful.

I would do this with regular PB or perhaps even AB as well.  I want to try it with pad thai next.  Yum yum yum, nom nom nom.

Also eaten in a jar: dessert.

A bit of coconut gelato and various chocolate pieces.

I shall have to experiment with eating more things in jars!  Ideas?  Thoughts?  Do you like food in jars?

Goodnight friends.  Happy Friday!

Therapy Tuesday

Today’s Happy Note: Borrowing a new book from L that I think might be soothing for me during a rough week.

Today was a 9-9 day. ¬†Fun. ¬†Wanted to wake up early for a workout but couldn’t sleep last night. ¬†Didn’t work out yesterday either. ¬†Blah. ¬†I did walk about three miles today with a heavy backpack and (part of the time) heavy groceries. ¬†I knew I would be too tired to cook once I got home (or run, even though I wanted to) so I got dinner at WF. ¬†Came home, made protein ice cream, caught up on emails. ¬†Now I’m here.

Other eats included the traditional post-therapy fro yo:

And some pretty rockin’ oats-in-a-jar:

I added about 3/4 frozen berries to the bottom of an almost empty honey AB jar and then poured the hot oats over them!  Topped with a few scoops vanilla Greek yogurt.  This was amazing!   The cold berries and hot oats worked so well together and made a giant cool mess.  Love.

Yogurt fact: My 95 year old grandfather strains his own plain yogurt to make it “Greek.” ¬†He was telling me how he does it today with a pillow case! ¬†I’ll have to try it sometime. ūüôā

Caution: The rest of this post is kind of a downer. ¬†If you aren’t in the mood to read something a bit depressing, I’d say skip it. ¬†Don’t worry, I won’t hate you, I just don’t want to bring you down!

Therapy Tuesday

Today was sort of different. ¬†I basically just told L about my whole “not caring” thing — how whenever she suggests something or wants to take a deeper look at something, lately, I just don’t care — I don’t want to think about things. ¬†At all. ¬†Maybe this is a subconscious defense mechanism; looking really deeply at my my life and my self and the scary inner-workings of my world can be quite painful. ¬†But I don’t think that’s the full explanation. ¬†In general, I am a very curious, open being. ¬†I love learning about myself. ¬†But somehow, when I am actually in the moment of therapy, I keep snapping shut– it feels like I couldn’t tell her my most personal, secretive thoughts even if I desperately wanted to. ¬†Why don’t I want to? ¬†It’s frustrating for both of us for me to not let her be useful. ¬†I am pushing her away and I despise myself for that.

She drew a picture of a box (well, more of a window) for me.  It is a special box called the Johari box.  I really liked the idea of the box.  It looks like this:

I am stuck in the “private self” corner. ¬†I can’t get into any of the other areas with L. ¬†I am fine with myself, at least on the surface, but I experience tremendous difficulty thinking about or talking about the other areas: the public self (what both myself and others know about me), the blind self (what others know about me but I don’t know about myself) and the hidden self (what neither myself nor others knows about me). ¬†Those three boxes scare me and I don’t know why.

It is not fun to continue doing something that I feel so terrible at — therapy. ¬†And it’s not even that I’m just bad at it, it’s actively painful. ¬†Frustrating, confusing. ¬†I should not come home week after week feeling tense and stuck. ¬†I can’t tell you how many times in the last few weeks I have thought about quitting therapy. ¬†But there are two things wrong with this: first of all, I am very stubborn and hate quitting anything, and second, I really do feel a small — ¬†but very powerful — connection to L and I do not wish to abandon that — I want to make it grow. ¬†I want to be able to tell her something other than “I feel sad all the time” or “I hate everything about myself” (and sadly, those have been the bulk of my feelings lately). ¬†I want to be able to talk about my day to day life and to figure out strategies to employ in my relationships. ¬†But as soon as she offers me any kind of serious strategy, I revert to the not caring mode.

I talked a lot today about how uncontrollably, inexplicably sad I have felt lately. ¬†Normally, I feel this way a few days a month. ¬†In the last 1-2 months it has been more than half the time. ¬†I am tired of being depressed. ¬†I’ve been depressed for a good seven or eight years now. ¬†Am I such a failure at all things that I can’t even manage my depression? ¬†L asked me how I physically feel this and I became angry at her. ¬†Who cares where I feel it in my body? ¬†Who cares it it feels like a giant bubble of anxiety in my chest and stomach? ¬†I don’t care what it feels like. ¬†In fact I think looking at what it feels like it borderline idiotic. ¬†I asked L to explain why she wanted to know how I was physically feeling my frustration: she said that sometimes we let our brains get so carried away in memories of the past or thoughts about the future or anxiety about the present moment that we forget what the actual feeling is.

That’s nice. ¬†But I don’t care. ¬†I honestly, right now, am feeling the deepest not-caring I have ever felt in my entire life. ¬†It’s almost a hateful not caring — like I don’t care so much that I hate L. ¬†And of course then I hate myself for hating such a kind being.

In a way, I actually enjoy the self-inflicted punishment that comes with constantly feeling everything in my body and my heart and my head. ¬†It makes me write. ¬†It makes me different. ¬†I don’t want to not feel things the way I do.

But what if that’s the source of all my agony? ¬†I think maybe it is, and maybe that’s what L has been getting it for the last 10 months, whether I have realized it or not. ¬†But I don’t want it to be. ¬†And I certainly don’t want to change. ¬†I am feeling a lot of anger toward myself, L, and the process of therapy right now. ¬†Why, dear God, after close to a year, has she not been able to help me? ¬†Why have I not been able to let her help me? ¬†Why haven’t I let her in. ¬†That’s what I want, more than anything, is to let her in. ¬†There haver been moments when I have felt totally connected to her, and those moments have been beautiful and sometimes pivotal. ¬†So why am I resisting so much now? ¬†I feel like there is no other explanation besides the fact that I am a hopeless loser who doesn’t deserve therapy who is destined to be alone forever.

As I have said before, I truly adore L: I think she is not just an excellent psychologist, but a wonderful, kind human being (most of the time — we all have our moments). ¬†Not only that, but I think she is the right therapist for me. ¬†So what am I doing wrong? ¬†Will I ever feel close to another human being again or have I lost that ability? ¬†When will going “home” ever mean anything besides returning to an empty apartment, making myself a lonely dinner, and crying myself to sleep?

I actually do have a plan for next week. ¬†At some point today I mentioned how I always write about therapy afterwards. ¬†She asked why I haven’t shown her. ¬†I have always considered it somehow too personal; like my writing about therapy is the one thing I have to claim as my own. ¬†But I kind of want to show her now. ¬†I don’t know what else to do. ¬†I don’t know if this might help things along. ¬†But it can’t hurt to try. ¬†I am basically going to compile every Therapy Monday/Therapy Tuesday rant and paste them into one document and give it to her next week.

Goodnight friends!  See you all tomorrow!


Today’s Happy Note: I have heard. ¬†From an Exclusive Upper West Side source. ¬†That there is a Trader Joe’s planned for 72nd and Broadway. ¬†Breather, Caronae. ¬†Breathe. ¬†This is the greatest thing to happen in New York. ¬†Since Union Square Trader Joe’s.

Today was decent but would have been much better if my sleeping hadn’t been so…disrupted…last night. ¬†I kept waking up tangled in my sheets in deep panic that either (a) there was an axe murderer in my closet or (b) my fan, which has creepy red lights on it, was an evil monster. ¬†I forgot to take my sleep medication last night and I am guessing that was the cause. ¬†It was a very eerie experience. ¬†One minute I would be wide awake craving a moment of sleep, the next moment I would be waking up from a nightmare never wanting to fall back asleep again. ¬†Very bizarre.

I left the office early to do stuff for my other job and just ended up passing out back at my apartment.  Meh.  I had a great workout after I woke up though!

40 minutes full-body strength training. ¬†I lifted hard and heavy for a lot of different exercises. ¬†My arms, back, abs, legs — everything was screaming afterwards. ¬†It felt amazing. ¬†I love when you have a great strength session and you feel physically and mentally stronger afterwards. ¬†I hit up the elliptical for an insane 30 minute HIIT sesh after the weights. ¬†Not sure why it felt tougher than usual but I was drenched and my heart was racing!

I have made an important discovery of which I must inform you: I have found the most comfortable, fitting, soft, stretchy, breathable workout shirt ever.

It’s a pink Under Armor tank with a criss-cross back. It is dry-wicking. ¬†The best thing about it is the way it fits. ¬†I have sort of a strange upper-body and it is very hard to find workout tops that fit right. ¬†For one, I have a very long torso. ¬†This shirt is amazingly long! ¬†My other problem is that, compared to my relatively thin waist, I am, well, rather well-endowed. ¬†I have never found a tank with a built-in sports bra that supports me. ¬†This didn’t just provide plenty of support and coverage, it also seemed to make my chest look somewhat normal-sized!

Okay, so do you want to know the deal-breaker?

It was $12 at TJMaxx. ¬†Everyone has a different body, but if you have any features similar to mine, I would highly¬†recommend¬†this. ¬†I literally can’t wait to do the laundry so I can wear it again. ūüôā ¬†Your favorite workout gear?

Eats hodgepodge: had three delicious meals today, plus plenty of delicious snacks. ¬†There are a few things I haven’t minded eating hot lately — namely eggs and wraps/quesadillas. ¬†There are something about warm cheese and hummus that just melts my heart.

Love fun tops on bottled iced tea!

Giant colors salad!  Red, orange, yellow, many shades of green, white.  What are your favorite colors to eat?

About to enjoy some new ice cream/sorbet finds and maybe frozen fruit!

Weekend Workouts + Cold Foods + Things to Look Forward to

Today’s Happy Note: Food Network! ¬†There are a few shows on FN that annoy me but for the most part I’m fascinated. ¬†I love Ace of Cakes and Next Food Network Star. ¬†I tend to be a much simpler cook than most of those on FN, but it is nice to be inspired sometimes, even if the dishes are a bit complicated for my tastes.

Lots of great workouts this weekend! ¬†I wanted to do a long run but just was not in the mood to run in the heat or to do a long/continuous/boring workout. ¬†I was actually going to be doing another ultramarathon around the island today (with the same guy I have done the last two with) but, when I realized it was going to be 85-90 degrees all afternoon, I passed. ¬†I am NOT a heat/humidity runner at all. ¬†Send me out with four layers in a ten degree blizzard and I’m fine. ¬†But the heat? ¬†I just sort of wilt. ¬†The sun exhausts me! ¬†I would have loved to do an ultra today but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. ¬†I’m glad I listened to my body — I just had these terrible visions all morning of me lying in a hospital bed dying of kidney failure. ¬†Not a good image to go into a race with.

Anyways.  My actual workouts: Yesterday I did a 4 mile run followed by 15 minutes HIIT on the elliptical and 10 minutes weights.  Today was split up into three sections: Three mile walk, 30 minutes kayaking (!) and 30 minutes yoga/kettlebell.

I must say, it is quite refreshing not dragging myself through long, monotonous workouts when I don’t want to!

What do you do for a workout when you don’t want to do something long but you still want to sweat?

Kayak pictures:

Dragging my hands and feet in the water definitely lowered my core body temperature a good ten degrees.  To a normal level.  Or so.

Lots of cold eats. Seriously, I think all of my meals today involved yogurt. ¬†I don’t like to eat more than one or two servings of dairy a day since it can be harder to digest. ¬†But there are just not enough cold foods on this earth. ¬†Especially now that my blender is broken. ¬†I do not know how much more of summer I can handle sans blender.

Anyone have any cold food suggestions that don’t consist of yogurt or frozen fruit or require a blender?

I saw someone make a list of thing to look forward to for the week the other day. ¬†I thought it sounded fun and decided I want to participate. ūüôā

  • Gymnastics class (assuming I find time this week)
  • Friday night yoga
  • Long run
  • Spin???
  • Meeting the students I’ll be working with for my non-profit job
  • Getting paid (hey, it’s important)
  • Therapy (I’m weird; I do indeed look forward to my time with L)
  • Working on my book of poems
  • Ocean swimming this weekend?

Sounds like plenty of fun!  What are you looking forward to?

Mental health note: ¬†I have become really good over the last few weeks at identifying stressful situations. ¬†This sounds obvious, but sometimes when you’re in a moment of panic — the internet stops working or you find out your great uncle is dying or anything really — it can be hard to talk yourself down. ¬†I’m proud of myself for beginning to institute my self-soothing and destressing techniques. ¬†Go me!

Adventure Saturday: Tips For a Long Healthful Life

Today’s Happy Note: Spending time with family! ¬†I normally only see my mom’s extended family at Christmas so it was nice to get to see a few of them in the summer, even if only for a day.

Good evening dearies! ¬†I hope it’s been a wonderful Saturday. ¬†I had an Adventure, of course! ¬†I went a bit upstate on the train to see an aunt, two cousins, and my grandfather. ¬†They were here for a wedding (I didn’t go to that; we just had lunch and spent the afternoon together). ¬†We wandered around town, munched on the most amazing pita (so pillowy!), and admired the beautiful grounds and history of the hotel-manor they stayed at. ¬†It’s funny; as much as I despised growing up in the suburbs, I enjoyed myself very much this afternoon. ¬†The small-ish towns along the Hudson are wonderfully endearing and a nice break from the city. I absolutely feel in love with the city, but at times it can be overwhelmingly busy and distant.

I probably walked about two miles today and might go for another walk in a little while, or do some dancing/yoga.  I used to take dance classes at school and I am really missing it. I wonder if there are any local, inexpensive community classes near me? Dancing and yoga remind me of one another.  While I love running, I think they might be more soothing forms of movement for my spirit.

Photos from the Adventure:

Who might this be? ¬†That’s my grandfather! ¬†He’s 95 and a half! Doesn’t look it! ¬†He is an amazing man who has exemplified healthy ways of living since his boyhood in rural Iran. ¬†He has a very powerful internal drive that I have yet to find in another person. ¬†At 95, he still writes papers, read, communicates with friends and family members scattered around the world, attends conferences, and participates in tremendous charitable activities. ¬†He has truly been heroic. ¬†I wanted to take a few minutes during our visit today to ask him how he has maintained vibrancy and health for almost a century. ¬†I’m sure random genetics play a role, but so do our habits and choices.

Without further ado, I present “Baba’s tips for 95 years of healthy living”:

  • Don’t overstress! ¬†In fact, understress if possible.
  • Always keep your mind working in different subjects; for example Baba has been both a mathematician/engineer and a literary/poetic scholar.
  • Stay away from too much alcohol.
  • His super-foods: walnuts, raisins, plain yogurt, lentils, pomegranate juice.
  • It is important to eat these things — and other healthy things — as a child. ¬†Childhood health affects the rest of your life!
  • Always stay active. ¬†Baba has done many activities, games, and sports his entire life. ¬†As an eight year old boy, he found a tennis ball. ¬†This was his only toy. ¬†He kept himself active and entertained by bouncing it around. ¬†Favorite childhood activities: broad jump, high jump, pole vault, and volleyball. ¬†He actually played on the volleyball team at Tehran University as a setter. ¬†Throughout his adult life he has loved racket games — tennis, squash, and racquetball. ¬†He still plays tennis and walks (we probably did about a mile together today). ¬†In fact, he beat me at racquetball two years ago (I was trying)!
  • He has had a lot of sadness and unhappy events in his life. ¬†Overcoming these and persevering anyways has been a very powerful force in shaping his mental capacities.
  • A multicultural lifestyle with diverse interests and connections keeps you healthy because you are constantly learning. ¬†He speaks five languages and is still quite proficient in three of them.
  • Creativity is a “secret” to old age.
  • You have to learn to be satisfied with very little. ¬†Western materiality is destructive to our health. ¬†Being satisfied with little nurtures our spiritual selves.
  • Tea can be “as delicious as a special meat dish.”
  • His vice: sweets! ¬†A little dessert makes us happy and nurtures our souls.
  • He has always rewarded himself with little things. ¬†For example, when he was a teenager, raisins were a special treat. ¬†If someone gave him a handful, he would parcel them out over several days. ¬†Each time he completed a long paper or complex math problem, he would reward himself with a single raisin. ¬†Other rewards: pencils or paper.
  • He is critical of extravagance. ¬†Instead, he believes powerfully in charitability. ¬†He has established a school for 440 poor girls in Iran who otherwise would not receive an education. ¬†He endows the entire establishment (teachers, classrooms, uniforms, sports and games, etc.) ¬†He has a powerful belief in the ability of education to extend and enrich our lives.
  • The entire world can take a hint from more simpler ways of living — that would prevent a lot of bloodshed.
  • His favorite meal: yogurt with jam and walnuts, good bread with chevre.

So there you have it!  Living to 95 years from the expert.  He has an older brother who is either 97 or 98.

I didn’t take any interesting food pictures while I was out because I didn’t want to have to explain the blog. ¬†I did, however take pictures of a major dinner fail:

My blender failed in the middle of smoothie-making! ¬†Grrr. ¬†I can’t get it to work now at all. ¬†Perhaps it overheated? ¬†I didn’t eat all of the above mess, but did eat out the frozen berries and some of the liquid. ¬†It was actually quite tasty! ¬†Better flavor than most of my smoothies for some reason. ¬†I remedied this little failure with some comforting OIAJ…

Nature’s Path hemp oats in a Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter jar with a handful of trail mix and a serving of TJ’s chocolate covered pretzels! ¬†I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a serious statement: NN Vanilla Almond butter is the best nut butter I’ve ever had. It truly is amazing. ¬†It does have some sugar, but only 5g. ¬†The flavors just work wonderfully together. ¬†It tastes like a really premium vanilla almond frosting.

Not sure why, but I was feeling guilty about everything I ate today. ¬†I didn’t have anything “bad” for me at all, but I do think I wasn’t eating mindfully. ¬†Need to work on that; not because I’m trying to be obsessive but because my mind and body feel best when I have a clear, conscious relationship with food.

Any fun Adventures from today?  Adventures tomorrow? I have plans for a long run, yoga, and possibly a movie!

See you tomorrow!

PS — Go enter the most awesome giveaway ever here! ¬†Evan is giving away an ice cream maker!

The Things That Make Me Happy Post

Today’s Happy Note: Everything! ¬†See below. ūüôā

1. Haircuts! ¬†I wish I could blow dry my hair and make it smooth and shiny like this…I don’t even own a blow-dryer or any styling products. ¬†My hair is very long, thick-ish, a bit dry, wavy, and prone to frizz. ¬†I want some things to put in it to make it pretty. ¬†Where should I start?

2. Dance parties in the living room. ¬†I didn’t want to run so for a fresh, alternative form of cardio, I danced!

Ignore the messy house (I think it’s endearing!) and that bizarre tanline I’ve got going on. ¬†I need to stop running outside in such weirdly shaped tops.

3.  Rediscovering tuna!  I always thought tuna had to be either boring and plain or mixed with mayo and unhealthy.  Wrong.  I mixed a whole can with a giant spoonful of hummus, giant spoonful plain yogurt, yellow pepper, celery, lemon pepper mix, and sea salt for lunch.  Served in a flat out wrap.  This was a very refreshing lunch, and I most certainly plan on eating more tuna this summer!

4. ¬†Sweaty yoga sessions. ¬†It wasn’t hot yoga or anything, but it was muy humid around here today and there were a lot of bodies in that room. ¬†Unfortunately I had a slippery mat, but the actual class was great! ¬†I loved all the planks and shoulder stretchy poses and balances. ¬†I had two great tripod headstands, which was nice. ¬†Little successes always makes me feel more confident.

5. Eggs. ¬†Seriously, why is such a simple food so incredibly tasty? ¬†I think that I may have actually fallen in love. ¬†They are creamy, savory, smooth, filling, cheap. ¬†What more could I ask for in a protein? ¬†I have been doing a lot of two-egg puffs in the microwave. ¬†They cook in less than two minutes! ¬†Oh, and I almost always eat them with the yolk. ¬†One, because I think it’s weird to buy separate egg whites and I’m too lazy to separate out the whites from whole eggs, and two, because the yolk is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU. ¬†Yes, I said it. ¬†It really has no connection whatsoever with blood cholesterol levels. ¬†The yolk is a source of healthy fats, vitamins, and proteins that can’t be found in the whites. ¬†Eggs have gotten a bad name, but there is actually no science behind this — just a lot of hype, ¬†myth, and misinformation. ¬†So crack open some eggs. ¬†Yolks and all.

Served with hummus, salad, and carrots, this is a wonderful weeknight summer dinner.  Light but also stays with you.

6. Breakfasts that come with a side of sunshine.

7. Baking. ¬†I’m making a special concoction for a blog friend tonight. ¬†One that says “Michigan!” ¬†Hint: what fruit is MI famous for? ¬†I’ll ¬†share some pictures tomorrow. ¬†I haven’t started yet because my mother is currently at war with a thick steak and the broiler. ¬†The broiler is winning.

8. Friends. ¬†I’m going to see one of my best friends from high school tomorrow. ¬†Friends make me so very happy.

What makes you happy today?

Sad Bad Mood

Today’s Happy Note: Feeling better about therapy. ¬†My therapist sent me a very comforting and calming response to my somewhat frantic letter to her yesterday. ¬†That’s one thing, at the very least, that I don’t have to have in my mind right now.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments yesterday. ¬†Whenever I’m in a bad mood or sad or had a bad therapy day you never fail to make me feel better! ¬†I am a lucky blogger indeed!

Unfortunately, while I am feeling a bit better about therapy, I’m still in a terrible mood. ¬†Damn hormones. ¬†I don’t really think there’s anything else to blame it on at this point. ¬†I did have a good, lonely cry this evening which made me feel a bit better. ¬†Although now I have a headache and about ten pimples.

I have felt terribly lonely over the last few days. ¬†I sort of had an epiphany last night that friends make our lives worth living. ¬†Even if I am only spending a few moments with someone, if that person is meaningful to me, they can make me feel so happy inside. ¬†Friends make me feel radiant in a way that no amount of food or exercise or even positive self-talk can. ¬†It’s another dimension of the health equation that I feel like I am just discovering — I have always had friends and have friends now, but hadn’t considered their importance to my own well-being before. ¬†Sometimes the only thing in the world that can make me feel better is to have someone to snuggle with or someone to braid my hair or someone to just sit with.

Does this make sense? I often think of myself as a loner, but really, I’m not. ¬†I am most definitely not a social butterfly with twenty best friends (and I never will be), but the relationships I do have with people mean everything to me.

Exercise: I came home from work tired and cranky (again!) and took a little nap. ¬†I wanted to watch the Biggest Loser because (a) I like the show and (b) I knew I would feel motivated to do some moves while watching. ¬†Success! ¬†I spent the first hour of the show doing a circuit where I did 3-4 minutes cardio (mostly jumping moves a la Janetha) followed by 25 reps of a leg move, 25 reps of an ab move, and 25 reps of an arm move, then I did 3-4 minutes of yoga. ¬†I probably went through the whole circuit 6 or 7 times. ¬†It was a nice way to switch things up a bit. ¬†Now that I’m not training for a half-marathon — or any running event for that matter — it’s nice to do some fun, non-running exercise. ¬†In the next few weeks I’d like to do some swimming, bike riding, and maybe exercise classes!

Do you ever make up your own workout circuits?  What moves do you include?

Eats: Somewhat fun today! ¬†I’m having to get creative, especially with protein and dessert options, but I’m managing. ¬†I might have to buy some cottage cheese or black beans or sliced turkey to get me through the end of the week, but I’m really trying to hold out — I’m going home Saturday morning. ¬†I hate wasting food.

Melty almond butter and blackberry oats=perfect way to start the morning!

Packed lunch for work! ¬†Trader Joe’s chicken sausage ravioli with BBQ tempeh, green grapes, and carrots.

I have trouble packing lunches that will keep me satisfied all afternoon (through three or four hours), but this did the trick!  I am often afraid to include carbs in my lunch (silly, I know), but the pasta with the tempeh was a great choice for a main course, I think.

What are your go to lunches to bring when you’ll be at work all day?

Afternoon snack: clif mojo peanut butter and jelly flavor. ¬†This tastes like real pb and j, actually. ¬†It’s amazing! ¬†I like all the clif mojo bars.

Dinner Part I: looks like weird pink soup. ¬†It’s actually just watery kashi oatmeal (I love watery oats — they last longer!) mixed with cranberry-pommegranate tera’s whey protein powder. ¬†I have to say, this was the most disgusting protein powder I have ever had in my entire life. ¬†It tasted very fake and was way too sweet and cloying. ¬†I should have just stuck with my regular WF vanilla whey! ¬†Yuck.

Dinner part II: A semi-random but highly delicious combination! ¬†I topped a base of plain spinach with a two egg puff, refried pinto beans, and a sliced pear. ¬†The flavors worked really well together; smooth, creamy, sweet, savory. ¬†I want to have the exact same thing for dinner tomorrow! ¬†I think having two dinners wokred really well for me. ¬†I am always afraid to do this because I fear that I’ll end up eating more calories, but instead of feeling ravenous after work and then ravenous again around ten or eleven, I spread everything out and felt satiated all evening long. ¬†I might do this more often!

I just munched on a chocolate coconut chew lara bar for dessert. ¬†It’s one of the best flavors in my opinion. ¬†If you like laras, do you have a favorite flavor?

Definitely time for me to crawl into my bed now. ¬†I’m hoping to squeeze in a run before work tomorrow morning so that I can relax in the evening.

Happy Wednesday friends!

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