Long Run Eats

Today’s Happy Note: Fall weather.  I may have already said this.  But it’s that awesome that I get to say it again.  I love the colors, the temperatures, the wind, and the leaves.

Hello friends!  Happy Sunday evening!  I should be reading for school.  Confession: I have not done one single ounce of schoolwork all weekend.  Nada.  I only have yoga and one “real” class tomorrow, but it’s in the evening, so I have all afternoon to study, right?  Right? 😉

I just finished watching a very moving video of HLS session on the impact of reading food/fitness blogs, led by Caitlin (of Healthy Tipping Point) and Gena (of Choosing Raw).  You can watch it here. I highly recommend it.  It made me think about what I get out of blogging and reading blogs and existing in this little sphere we call the healthy living blogging community.  It sort of cemented some thoughts that have already been floating around in my head:

  • The way that I eat and the way that I move is something unique to me.  I cannot compare myself to other bloggers (or celebrities or friends or whoever) in this regard because eating and exercising are endeavors that will be the same for no two people.  I will not be ashamed if I eat more than another blogger (or less).  If I eat more protein or more carbs.  If I eat more scones and muffins (I’m pretty sure I could trump almost any blogger on this one).  I will not be ashamed if I practice yoga less.  I will not be ashamed that I have struggled with depression for many years, or that I go to therapy.  In fact, I freely admit that I really enjoy therapy.  Basically, I will not be ashamed for being me in the only way I know how.
  • I have decided that I really enjoy having a “smaller” blog.  Less pressure, more fun and games and friends.
  • I have always been a little bit unsure of my blog’s content.  Sometimes I share stories/memories or other forms of writing.  Sometimes recipes.  Sometimes food pictures or running tales.  And sometimes I talk about a moment in which I really struggled with my mental health — in which my anxiety or depression or sadness took over.  This happened just last night, in fact.  I almost allowed the loneliness to take over, but I stopped it in its tracks by going for a run.  My point is, I have a lot of content.  I understand that the point of a blog is supposed to be focused, but I think that, in its own way, my blog is very focused.  I have come to realize that when I talk about my social life or share thoughts on therapy or describe what is working in my diet — all of this is related.  All of this comes together to form the bigger picture of “Caronae’s Health.”

Onto today’s long run!

It was twelve miles and took me a little over two hours.  It was decent, certainly better than the runs of weeks past.  I am still having the nagging pain in my back left hip, which is slightly worrisome.  It actually feels worse when I try to stretch it out?  I definitely had stretches in the run where I was able to speed up to a 9:00 mile pace or so, which was nice.  I did not feel nearly as dead as usual.  Overall, a success.

I signed up for a half-marathon next weekend on a whim a few days ago.  It’s called Grete’s Great Gallop and is entirely in Central Park.  That was a nice way of saying the course is going to be really boring, and hilly too.  My long runs are normally on Sundays, and next weekend was supposed to be 18 miles, so I’ll have to add in a few miles before or after.  But on the whole, I think it will be nice to have a “race” in this training cycle.  I say “race” because I will not be going all out.  My goal is actually going to be to maintain just under Marathon Goal Pace (which means that I would like to run the race at a 9:30-10:00 mile pace).

Enough running talk!  Onto food.  This is everything I have had thus far today, minus about two unpictured spoonfuls of crunchy PB.  I am doing this not for anyone else to compare but because it’s useful for me to keep track of what I have had on a long run day and see if it is enough and see if there are things that aren’t working. 🙂

Bad picture, but it’s a banana smothered in PB, eaten pre-run.

This was one of the best post-long run brunches I have ever had, because it was exactly what I wanted.  A glass of icy pear cider (amazing!!!!), pile of green grapes, and a warm chocolate chip scone with more PB.  Can you tell that PB and I are friends?

Gabriela and I went to Levain in the late afternoon.  We had delicious cookies and a lovely chat session!  We both agreed that these were the softest, thickest, most satisfying cookies we had ever eaten.  I bought one for USB for later.  It’s a surprise! 🙂

Thank you for the lovely afternoon Gabriela!

Dinner was a tasty sir-fry of onion, sweet potato, broccoli, tofu, salt and pepper, ginger, and TJ’s spicy peanut vinaigrette.  This was a really good combo!  I had some carrot ginger soup with a dollop of plain 2% greek yogurt on the side.  I have decided that I officially like stir-fries more than salads, fyi.

Might have some dark chocolate or cocoa or tea or an apple later on.  We shall see. 🙂

I actually don’t tend to eat a massive amount on long run days just because I often don’t have an appetite or don’t have the time.  I’ll probably eat more tomorrow, I suspect.

Fun blog announcement: I bought the domain name caronae.com yesterday!  You won’t find much of anything there just yet, but I am anticipating a switch-over to my own domain soon!  I’ll still be wordpress-hosted (it’s very convenient), but will have an easier URL.  I was rpetty excited that I could get my first name as my site.  How many other people can say that?  Hehe.

Goodnight friends!  I hope you all have a most wonderful week!

A Beautiful Day

Today’s Happy Note: Writing.  I haven’t done much non-blog writing since I was in the hospital.  I feel like what I have wanted to say has been trapped inside me lately, but for some reason, this evening, it all came pouring out.  Lots of words, lots of thoughts, lots of prose.  I needed it.

Today started nice and early for a very special trip to the Today Show…to see Caitlin! She was promoting her amazing, inspiring book, Operation Beautiful, based off of the Operation Beautiful website. I met up with a bunch of other bloggers around 6:30.  It was wonderful to be there for Caitlin — I truly felt joyful for her, and as a result, I felt good about myself.  And blog friends are amazing.  My mom always says things like, “but they aren’t ‘real’ friends?”  No, mom, they’re real.  We talk online and in person and they are good to me.  I love having things in common; it’s always so easy to talk to new blog friends.  There were so many people there — Tina, Gabriela, Sabrina, Theodora, Ashley, Rebecca, Lauren, Adriane, Cynthia, and Jess.  Sorry if I missed you!  Feel free to say hello. 🙂

Gabriela and I!

I have struggled with my body image for a long, long time.  Longer than I have been an “adult”, longer than I’ve been a runner.  Pretty much since I was a little girl.  But you know what?  There are so many other wonderful things about me that it seems silly to think that the way I look defines me.  I know, in my heart, that I am smart, creative, quick, strong, colorful, artistic, engaging, endearing, sweet, compassionate, passionate, and lovely, overall.  OB has helped me to understand this.  It has showed me that, even if I am still a little bit uncomfortable in my body, my beauty is so much more than that.  So thank you Caitlin and OB.

What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

I got in a great six miler today (plus another three or so walking) despite the 95 degree heat.  I was an idiot and decided that noon was a good time to run???  I incorporated a lot of hills into the run.  It was actually kind of fun; I felt like I was sweating all the bad things (physically and mentally) out of me.

I hope that we can all begin to love ourselves a little more.  The world doesn’t see me for my body.  The world doesn’t see the 15 extra pounds on me and think that makes me hideous and worthless.  I would never say the things that I say to myself to anyone else.  I have made many half-hearted attempts at positive self-talk in the past.  But it’s time to start for real now.  I love me.  I like my long, wild hair and my strong upper arms.  I like my breasts — sometimes their size is a little bit annoying, but they are distinctly womanly.  I like the way I can write pages and pages at a time, just spewing, and somehow it all fits together.  I like the fact that I’m not afraid to eat; I know what my body wants and needs.  I like my new found social skills; two years ago I NEVER would have met up with friends I didn’t know.  I like my creative desserts and baking skills.

I like the way my stomach is defined and strong, but also soft.

What do you like about you?