Running, Protein, And Fat!

Daily Creativity: I won’t lie, nothing much creative has happened yet.  Maybe some sketching?  I’m so mad at myself for forgetting to bring my pastels back with me when I was home last week!  Well, my dinner salad was kind of creative I guess.

Cook’s Mission: Go vote for my cook’s mission entry (you have to scroll down quite a bit) here.  Or vote for whatever one you like the best!  I personally thought Mae’s muffins and Health-Foodies apricot and rosemary filled pretzels rocked.  To vote, just leave a comment on the recipe you like the best!

Run: Today was my first run since the race.  Perhaps I should have started out low and slow, but for some reason I really wanted to do eight miles.  When I get an idea for a route or distance in my head, I tend to stick to that plan no matter what, even if I’m not really feeling it.  Not the greatest habit, but today turned out alright.  Very slow though; I think I did about 8, or perhaps a little bit less, in 85 minutes.  I was doing a lot of hilly trails in CP though, so that was part of the slowness.  My legs just felt generally tired too.  If I still feel sluggish in five days I’ll be annoyed, but right now I’m just accepting that they might have a little residual exhaustion 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to take my friend J outside for his first ever outdoor run!!!!  He can do 3.25 on a treadmill, but I know I can get him up to 5 outside.  He’s a trooper. I’m SO proud of him; three years ago when we started college, he was overweight and really out of shape.  He started making simple changes like eating whole wheat bread and low fat milk and having more fruits and veggies and now he is strong, powerful, and way healthier.  Go J go!

How long does it take you to recover from a hard race?

Announcements, Announcements, Annouuuuunnnnncements: Okay, sorry, that probably seems really random to you.  We used to have to sing that phrase every morning at the camp I went to for nine years.  It will forever be stuck in my head.

1. Thanks for everyone’s sweet comments yesterday

2. I really want a blog header/fun layout, but I’m very poor and can’t really justify spending money on the blog.  Anyone have any suggestions/know-how/friends who design websites?

3. I’m going to be running another race soon.  A really awesome but very difficult and painful race.  One that I have run once before (hint: it was in December and you can learn more about it on one of my pages from the sidebar).  Drumroll…

Run around the island 33 mile ultramarathon!!!!!!!!  I AM REALLY EXCITED this time around: I have no tibia issues and my microfractures are long gone.  I know I’m strong and I have the endurance.  And it’s in two weeks.  Gah!  This isn’t really something that I would train for outside of my normal running, and since it’s so soon I don’t know that I’ll want to do any 18-22 milers before it.  I’ll probably do a 12-14 miler during the middle of this week, and I should be fine.  Last time we did 33.4 miles in 6 hours 8 minutes.  I guess it’d be cool if we could beat that time; I ran it with two guys and they were both so supportive and encouraging.  Not sure if we’ll have more people this time, but it’d be cool if we did.  More people=more fun!

Random eats  from the day (forgot to charge my camera so I don’t have everything):

Whole wheat pasta with lots of veggies, chicken, a little alfredo sauce and too much cheese.

Luna protein bar: OMG this was wonderful.  I have high bar standards, and although this may not be super “clean”, it was super tasty.  Most chocolate peanut butter flavored things fail, but this one was downright impressive.  It tasted like the girl scout peanut butter patties cookies (which, in my opinion, are way better than thin mints)!

Grocery heap!  Things I’m excited about: Tera’s whey protein powders, chocolate almond milk, black cherry steaz, and justin’s maple almond butter (ON SALE!).

Dinner: lentil soup, giant salad with romaine, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, blackberry, and half of an apple chicken sausage.  Dinnertime perfection.

Emotional Eating (warning: wordiness ahead):

I think one of the first things I need to do in evaluating my emotional eating/over eating, after examining what my feelings really are (which is a lot of what therapy is about, so this is already covered mostly), is examine the ways in which my diet is and is not working for me.  There are a few things I have noticed so far:

1. I am someone who needs a lot of vegetables, protein and fat.  I know it’s cliche to say that “carbs are not your friend” but for me they pose one major problem: if I have a carb-based meal at any point in the day after breakfast, I will only want carbs for the rest of the day.  If I have cereal or granola at lunch, I cannot resist having it for snack and dinner too.  I think that for my body chemistry (insulin-resistant), carbs actually have an addictive property.  I am one of those people for whom sugar necessitates more sugar.  I have noticed a few things that help with this: small servings of whole grain bread, pasta, or actual grains with lunch or dinner seem to help keep me full and satisfied, include lots of plant based volume at most meals, and eat more protein or fat.  Sounds simple, and really, it is.  So this is something I have observed (non-judgmentally) and plan to work on!

2.  If I get too hungry or wait too long between meals, I will dive into the sugar (ice cream, cereal, chocolate,whatever’s around).  I think the solution to this is as simple as making sure I’m eating every 3-4 hours, and when I do get into a hunger state, respond by having some fat and protein immediately.

3.  After-dinner snacking: if I occupy myself after dinner with blogging/reading/homework/cleaning etc., I tend to not have the snacky feeling!  I am not sure why, but I get really intense sugar cravings after most meals, regardless of what the meal consists of.  If I wait a half an hour or so though, these cravings typically go away!  I need to practice mindfulness and consciousness in the evenings.  I think this is a good first step.

I really wanted to do a Flashback Friday (Janetha makes them look so fun) but this post is already way too talky.  Maybe I’ll do one tomorrow?  Is this allowed?

Alright bloggettes, what are you up to this weekend?  Any fun exercise classes or adventures planned or delicious new meals waiting to be consumed?

Sweet-Potato Pumpkin Soup and Yoga!


Today’s Positive Note: I am independent and (mostly) mature.  I was alone a lot in high school, and I learned how to take care of myself.  I think I am perfectly functional in a way that many young people are not.  I go to school, work, the bank, the grocery store.  I get things done, and I like this about myself.

I made a very tasty recipe last night.  I’m quite proud of it, actually.  I make decent food most of the time, but it’s not always sophisticated.  I think this dish is sophisticated.

Sweet-Potato Pumpkin Chili (Or soup.  Or stew)

1 medium sweet potato

1.25 C pumpkin puree

1 small yellow onion

3 large carrots

half of a large bell pepper

1 C warm water

1 tsp salt (plus a little more to add at end)

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp crushed red pepper

chili powder and paprika to taste

1 C Black beans

1 C Pinto beans

1 C corn (I used canned)

Steam the sweet potato for five to six minutes in the microwave.  Meanwhile, chop up carrots, onion, and bell pepper.  Measure out pumpkin and water.  Add pumpkin, water, and veggies to a pot on medium-high heat.  Stir around a bit.  When sweet potato is steamed, roughly cube it and it to the pot too.  Add seasonings and stir some more.  Put the lid on, turn it down to a hair below medium, and simmer for an hour or so (onions should be transluscent and carrots and peppers tender), stirring ocassionally.  Add corn, black beans, and pinto beans.  Stir some more.  Add more of the spices if you feel like it.  Serve hot with shredded cheddar chees on top, if desired.

  I didn’t take a picture of the whole pot, so this is just my bowl of it tonight.  As you can see, it is stuffed with vegetables.  Yesterday I served it with a spinach side salad.  Today I had it with half of a leftover flat bread pizza and steamed spinach.

It was absolutely amazing.  I ate it for dinner last night and lunch and dinner today, and I’m honestly not sure if I’m tired of it yet.  Try it!

I did end up getting my groceries yesterday and having a decently fun run, and I survived.  There was nothing to be anxious about.


These things are pretty much my staple items.   I got some chocolate Whole Foods brand animal crackers as a treat and they are awesome.  Kind of like a cookie and a cracker in one.  With chocolate.  Enough said.

Today was a cross training or yoga day on my schedule.  I went to a 90 minute vinyasa class after work.  The teacher was really nice, but the class wasn’t hard.  That said, it was still a good workout, with plenty of fun poses.  In the last few weeks I’ve been discovering new poses practically every class, so I guess it just felt weird to already know everything.  It made me feel very comfortable and calm though.  And I had an awesome headstand.  The studio is very nice, but expensive.  Does anyone know of any well-priced but still high quality yoga studios in NY?

All in all, a happy day, with happy food, and happy friends.  I wanted to put in a poem about my dad, but it’s on my computer that’s being fixed right now.  😦

Looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend, involving lots of books, some running, a blog meetup on Sunday, and lots of writing time.  What are you looking forward to this weekend?  Also, because I’m kind of sick of hearing positive things about myself, what is something you like about you?  Don’t be shy!

Happy weekend!