Eating Things In Jars

Today’s Happy Note: Lots of time talking with an awesome friend tonight. ūüôā ¬†Sometimes that is exactly what you need!

Looooonnnngggggg day.  Started at 8:00 AM and ended at 10:00 pm.  In and out of the apartment, at the store, at the office, on the phone, frantically emailing, on the bus, to another store, picking up bagels, on the computer, entering data into spreadsheets, organizing last day of classes for second job, crazy, crazy, crazy.

Mental Health Note: I practically didn’t have time to breathe. ¬†But I have learned something really valuable about myself in the last year or so: when I have days or moments like this, frantically, overwhelmingly busy, I tend to wind up sad, anxious, ¬†and depressed. ¬†I tend to get riled up and never get un-riled. ¬†So I like to plan out something nice for myself in advance! ¬†okay, so I didn’t really plan today. ¬†But ¬†it worked out, because I got to spend some quality time with two great friends. ¬† Talking and giggling and wondering and smiling and just knowing each other. ¬†I love that.

No time for a workout today! ¬†I thought about getting up at 6 to run but I wasn’t in bed until 2. ¬†I slept in until 8 instead, which was definitely the better choice. ¬†I was on my feet all day though; definitely walked several miles. ¬†And lugged around several pounds of juice and bagels all over the city. ¬†This is what my job entails.

I made a most excellent food discovery today! ¬†You all know I love my OIAJ. ¬†Well, introducing…

Stir Fry In A Jar!

Last night I wanted something easy to make and portable to take. ¬†I had an almost-empty Mighty Maple pb jar in the fridge. ¬†The cogs in my head started moving…I love maple and peanuts in a stir fry. ¬†I had everything I needed on hand: tofu, salt, EVOO, lemon pepper, green bell pepper, carrots and rice. ¬†I sauteed everything together and steamed the rice then combined.

Holy moly this was wonderful!  Like, maybe life-changing-wonderful.

I would do this with regular PB or perhaps even AB as well.  I want to try it with pad thai next.  Yum yum yum, nom nom nom.

Also eaten in a jar: dessert.

A bit of coconut gelato and various chocolate pieces.

I shall have to experiment with eating more things in jars!  Ideas?  Thoughts?  Do you like food in jars?

Goodnight friends.  Happy Friday!

Anti-Anxiety Plan of Attack!

Today’s Happy Note: Reading in the park.

Mental Health Note: I was so wound up when I left work today that I could barely walk in a straight line. ¬†I have no idea where this came from. ¬†I guess part of depression is feeling inexplicably sad, lonely, or confused. ¬†That might be it. ¬†It was a pretty straightforward day at the office. ¬†Very routine. ¬†Normally the routine soothes me, but today it just unsettled me. ¬†Maybe because I couldn’t stop thinking about all the other things I had to do. ¬†On my way home, I devised an anti-anxiety plan of attack!

  • Take a few moments to myself to walk through the park, look at the trees, breathe, and read. ¬†I rarely leave the house without a book, and today was no exception. ¬† I had “The Gift of Therapy” by Irvin Yalom with me. ¬†Yet another book borrowed from L. ¬†I am devouring it. ¬†It is most wonderful and calming. ¬†Not in a creepy way, but it reminds me of L, which reminds me to stay calm; that someone nearby loves and appreciates me unconditionally is an instantly comforting thought.
  • Make a list of specific things bothering me and plan out howto deal with each thing (i.e., just do it, shelve it for later, ignore it, etc.).
  • Don’t worry about a workout. ¬†I like to take one weekday rest day each week and I purposely don’t plan it ahead of time precisely because of days like this. ¬†The idea of traveling to the gym or the gymnastics center or the yoga studio or dripping with sweat in the 90 degree heat was unappealing. ¬†I work out enough that responding to a day of stress by not working out actually makes sense. ¬†I did do about three miles of walking.
  • Take extra time to write in my journal.
  • Don’t stuff my face, but do have exactly what I want for dinner…

Which leads me to these masterpieces:

I was craving frozen fruit all afternoon/evening!  The first bowl has frozen cherries with one spoonful AB and one spoonful PB.  The second one is Talenti coconut gelato topped with dark chocolate, frozen berries, unsweetened shredded coconut, and a few mixed nuts.

Coconut, berries, nuts: I could have done way worse. ¬†Definitely plenty of sugar. ¬†But oh so tasty. ¬†Sometimes food needs to serve both a physical, nourishing purpose and an emotional, satisfying purpose. ¬†I think I successfully accomplished both here! ūüôā

Don’t worry, other eats of the day involved veggies and protein! ¬†Like lunch:

Giant tuna mess with hummus, herbs, snap peas (nom nom nom!) and peppers.

Off to do work and clean my room! ¬†Neither of which I especially want to do. ¬†Sigh…

What do you do when you are inexplicable feeling down?

Favorite frozen fruit?