Yogunancing and Stuffed Quesadillas

Today’s Happy Note: Running in the rain!  Dancing in the rain!  Thinking in the rain!

I had an awesome yogunancing workout today.  Yogunancing=yoga, running, dancing.  It ended up being an epic 6 hour adventure because I kept getting caught in the rain and waiting and then having to take the train and then waiting some more.  It was quite fun actually.  The adventure included a 90-minute vinyasa yoga class followed by a 9-ish mile run and a 30-minute dance/gymnastics sesh in the park.  I actually just remembered during my run/dance sesh that, two summers ago, I did adult gymnastics classes at Chelsea Piers. I am signing up again!  FYI to new readers (feel free to say hi!): I was a gymnast from when I was 4 until I was 14.  I sometimes miss it.  Tumbling is pure joy.  I’m starting this week and I’ll let you know how the classes go!  I need to find an outfit first though…

Other than that adventure, my day involved some food experimentation, some Real Housewives watching (why why why are they so mean to each other), reading, writing, and, currently, some Nat Geo Great White Shark show viewing.

Breakfast fail:

It actually was not a taste failure.  But please note that these were supposed to be pancakes.  Ummm, yeah.  That didn’t happen.  But it’s entirely my fault because I just threw tons of stuff into a bowl and hoped they would magically turn into pancakes.  The taste was spot on though!  Berries, flax meal, blueberry yogurt, pb.  So I would call them yummy piles of mush rather than pancakes.  But at least I tried!  It is Pancake Sunday after all.

Frozen mango chunks. They never fail me.  Unlike pancakes (see above).

Okay.  Dinner.  This was one of the easiest, yummiest dinners I’ve ever had.  Ten minutes from fridge to plate and bursting with nutrition and flavor.  I used  a TJ’s habanero lime tortilla (after seeing them at Gabriela’s blog!) to make a quesadilla of sorts.  I stuffed it with a serving of low fat refried pinto beans, gouda cheese, and TJ’s cilantro jalapeno hummus.  I can see myself eating this dinner every day for like…all of summer.

I slathered some guacamole on top and had carrots, cucumbers, red pepper, and pineapple on the side.  So gooey.  So warm.  So many flavors — spicy, dense, creamy, cheesy.

Eat this combo.  Now.

I had to follow it up with something else that felt tropical-ish.  Which meant coconut.

Round one: warm brownie topped with WF coconut dark chocolate, snowy shredded coconut, and a few chocolate-covered pretzels.

Round two: mixed a tbsp of crunchy pb, a few tbsps shredded coconut, and a splash of soy milk.  This made a delicious dip for more chocolate covered pretzels!

This was an awesome dessert dip.

It’s been such a busy weekend!  Time for me to wind down for the work week.  Lots to do tomorrow and all week, really.  Stay tuned for recaps of my gymnastics classes and a super awesome Adventure next Saturday!

What are you up to this week?

The Things That Make Me Happy Post

Today’s Happy Note: Everything!  See below. 🙂

1. Haircuts!  I wish I could blow dry my hair and make it smooth and shiny like this…I don’t even own a blow-dryer or any styling products.  My hair is very long, thick-ish, a bit dry, wavy, and prone to frizz.  I want some things to put in it to make it pretty.  Where should I start?

2. Dance parties in the living room.  I didn’t want to run so for a fresh, alternative form of cardio, I danced!

Ignore the messy house (I think it’s endearing!) and that bizarre tanline I’ve got going on.  I need to stop running outside in such weirdly shaped tops.

3.  Rediscovering tuna!  I always thought tuna had to be either boring and plain or mixed with mayo and unhealthy.  Wrong.  I mixed a whole can with a giant spoonful of hummus, giant spoonful plain yogurt, yellow pepper, celery, lemon pepper mix, and sea salt for lunch.  Served in a flat out wrap.  This was a very refreshing lunch, and I most certainly plan on eating more tuna this summer!

4.  Sweaty yoga sessions.  It wasn’t hot yoga or anything, but it was muy humid around here today and there were a lot of bodies in that room.  Unfortunately I had a slippery mat, but the actual class was great!  I loved all the planks and shoulder stretchy poses and balances.  I had two great tripod headstands, which was nice.  Little successes always makes me feel more confident.

5. Eggs.  Seriously, why is such a simple food so incredibly tasty?  I think that I may have actually fallen in love.  They are creamy, savory, smooth, filling, cheap.  What more could I ask for in a protein?  I have been doing a lot of two-egg puffs in the microwave.  They cook in less than two minutes!  Oh, and I almost always eat them with the yolk.  One, because I think it’s weird to buy separate egg whites and I’m too lazy to separate out the whites from whole eggs, and two, because the yolk is ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU.  Yes, I said it.  It really has no connection whatsoever with blood cholesterol levels.  The yolk is a source of healthy fats, vitamins, and proteins that can’t be found in the whites.  Eggs have gotten a bad name, but there is actually no science behind this — just a lot of hype,  myth, and misinformation.  So crack open some eggs.  Yolks and all.

Served with hummus, salad, and carrots, this is a wonderful weeknight summer dinner.  Light but also stays with you.

6. Breakfasts that come with a side of sunshine.

7. Baking.  I’m making a special concoction for a blog friend tonight.  One that says “Michigan!”  Hint: what fruit is MI famous for?  I’ll  share some pictures tomorrow.  I haven’t started yet because my mother is currently at war with a thick steak and the broiler.  The broiler is winning.

8. Friends.  I’m going to see one of my best friends from high school tomorrow.  Friends make me so very happy.

What makes you happy today?