Hospital, Part II

Today’s Happy Note: Getting a pedicure.  Never had one before.  It was wonderful.  Now my feet are clean and shiny and soft!

Thank you all for your support yesterday, and as I continue to tackle this illness.  It won’t be easy but I know I’ll come out alive, hopefully having learned some lessons and had some nice moments along the way!  Yesterday you all solidified my belief in human compassion.  It binds us and nurtures us like nothing else.

I have been having a fun, relaxing few days with my mama.  I get tired pretty easily and really winded walking fast or up a hill or stairs.  Still, we have walked a lot.  I think it’s been good to get my legs moving a bit and some fresh air (if you can call NYC air “fresh”) into my lungs.  Still no coughing or chest pain or tightness in my legs (which could signify new clots).

One of the funny things about this health scare was that it made me realize how healthy I already am.  In fact, because my heart and lungs were (and are) so strong, the doctors almost missed it.  When I was actually in the hospital, I was the only patient on my floor who seemed to be actively moving and thinking and writing and feeling.  At first I thought the nurses were annoyed by my constant activity (if I wasn’t cleaning my room and folding the blankets, I was walking around the floor, or doing a sudoku puzzle, or asking the doctors about my test results), but then I realized that it really just wasn’t something they were used to.   All the other patients just sort of laid in their beds staring at the TV or sleeping.  I am not judging them — they might have been sicker or older or just plain old tired — but it made me grateful for the health that I do have.  I may not have the perfect body and sometimes I eat too much sugar.  But I do a damn decent job.

Hospital pictures:

I am taking the next few days to relax some more.  I will have to do some work from home.  But I also plan on reading, writing, baking, napping, seeing movies/concerts, drawing, snuggling, and just generally taking a break.  Any other suggestions? I can leave the house but get tired easily, so I try not to be out and about all day.  I might do an easy yoga class tomorrow, because I’m getting stiff and bored of not moving.  I think it would be a nice, calming stretch.

There are also plenty more issues related to the Pulmonary Emboli that I have to follow up on.  I have an appointment to see a blood clot specialist and a endocrinologist-gynecologist.  I also am having twice weekly blood tests, doctors appointments, and another heart Echo in a few weeks.  Unfortunately, my INR has not gotten up high enough yet.  It was only 1.2 today so I need to take more Coumadin and continue the Lovenox for a while (I learned how to inject myself this morning!).  My dad and sister are coming this Thursday or Friday for a few days.

Posting might be back to normal soon.  It all depends on how my health is; if I am still having issues with the clots or the medication or my INR, then I’m going to talk about that.  I will, of course, try to include other, more fun health-related things.

Tomorrow I have to tell you about two fun restaurants I have gone to since getting out of the hospital!

Have you ever been hospitalized?

What’s the most compassionate thing someone has ever done for you?