Adventure Saturday: Mermaid Edition.

Today’s Happy Note: Ocean.  Water.  Beach.  Sand.  Seashells.  Waves.  Boardwalk.  Wading.  Wet.  Island.  Mermaids.

I had a spectacular Adventure yesterday!  Any guesses based on my Happy Note?  If you don’t live in NY you probably have no idea what I’m talking about.

So what am I talking about?  Coney Island and the Mermaid Parade of course!

Not really sure how to describe the Mermaid Parade.  Other than that it is a parade.  Of Mermaids and such.  It’s just one of those random New York things that everybody loves.  There were goth mermaids, dead mermaids, sexy mermaids, drag mermaids, mermen, child mermaids, pink mermaids, fairy mermaids. Any kind of mermaid. You name it, it was there.

The mermaids were all beautiful, I thought.  Although some just seemed to be taking advantage of the opportunity to wear as little clothing as possible.  It was hot as hell.  What I liked most about the Parade was seeing so many different women — of all ages, races, shapes, heights, backgrounds.  All of whom were, for the most part, comfortable in their own skin.  I saw stretch marks and tummies and thighs.  But I also saw dancing and confidence and smiles.  To me, this is amazing.  It made me want to feel comfortable too.  Just being there was inspiring.  Hopefully I’ll be a little less afraid to prance around the beach in a swimsuit next time!

To all the women out there — mermaids or not — you are lovely the way you are.  Thank you for the vibrancy of your personality and your ability to dance.

But there was more than just mermaids!  Also:


I love jumping in and out of the waves.  Oceans are the best thing ever.  Believe it or not, despite living in NYC for three years, I had never set foot in the ocean here before yesterday.

Next up: Wheel of Wonder.

I fueled myself with lots of yummy things!

Apples, peas, moose tracks ice cream.  Perfection.

One spectacular Saturday Adventure.  I just might be headed off on another Adventure right now.  You’ll have to come back tonight to see! 🙂

Happy Sunday friends!  Plans?  Adventures?  Shenanigans?  Escapades?

Therapy Thought, Finals Health Week Challenge Day 3

Today’s Happy Note: I was struggling to write a piece to share in my prose class (we share new pieces every other week) and at the last minute the words just came pouring out and I ended up with a piece I was very proud of.  I love it when I start writing about something and just can’t stop; such a good feeling.

Thanks everyone, by the way, for your comments and thoughts on my last Therapy Monday post.  They put me at ease.  Sometimes I forget how much therapy is a part of my life right now.  Sure, I go every Monday and then I write about it, but the last two days I felt totally rattled and upset and just all over the place.  All from one slightly “off” session.  Your comments reminded me that this is to be expected once in a while!  And my own words actually gave me some things to think about; how I might want the process to go in the future, what my relationship with my therapist is like, etc.  I was feeling so confused and shaken about the whole matter that I emailed her last night and this morning.  Her words — like they are 99% of the time — were very thoughtful and reassuring, and made me feel much better.  I think that with therapy, I’m finally at a point where I feel more happiness and joy or pleasure or confidence than sadness or pain.  I haven’t felt this way in years, so, overall, something is working.

Finals Week Health Challenge Day 3

Day 0 here (I sort of started on this day, unofficially)

Day 1 here

Day 2 here

1. Check!  I was not in the mood to work out all day and then in the evening, after yelling at my air conditioner, I realized just how cranky I was feeling, and that a little run would help clear my head.  And it did!  I ran for 56 minutes (I’m guessing about 5.5 miles) and then walked another mile.  The run flew by because I was just so busy thinking about things.  It was nice to sort through random memories and thoughts and feelings and see where I am at right now at this very moment in my life.  Also, I was really proud of myself that I stopped when I wanted to (aka when I got to Whole Foods) rather than forcing myself to go for a set distance.  It was freeing to let myself run naturally for once — no time or distance goals, no paces, just me and my thoughts and the path!

2. Check!  Dried berries, frozen berries, more frozen berries (so very refreshing right now!), blackberries, spinach, carrots, raisins.

3. Check!  I did have a bowl of cereal after dinner, but only one, and then I didn’t want anymore!

4. Meh.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t very nice to myself today. I sort of started getting really worked up about school and my schedule for the next few weeks and that turned into low self-esteem which turned into negative thoughts.  BUT I think I did a relatively good job of getting some of those emotions out during the run and I’m a feeling happy, confident, and calm right now.

My pictures from today are pretty boring — same old oatmeal, yogurt, berries, trail mix, carrots, SIABs that you’re used to.  Once finals are over my next little blog project is going to be doing some fun recipes and posting fun pictures of them.

I hope your weeks are all much more exciting than mine is right now!

I promise I will be a fun blogger again one day soon…

Beautiful World. Happy World.

Today’s Happy Note: Springtime.  Easter weekend.  Hardly any homework.  Walks in the park.  What more could I ask for?

Mental Health: I had lots to do today, but it was mostly fun stuff; it was like one big day of playing.  I thought that having such a long day planned would exhaust me and sad Caronae would emerge, but that didn’t happen!  Everything seemed to fit together perfectly; I felt happy, healthy, confident, and lovely.  This was really monumental for me.  There was no anxiety or melancholy present — I just went about, doing my business.  Talking with friends and coworkers, playing in the park, not being afraid or unhappy to just be me.  It’s days like this that remind me how far I have come.  A year ago, I would have been overwhelmed, confused, anxious, and depressed about a day like today.  I might not have had the energy or confidence to get out there and get things done.  I certainly would have felt uncomfortable in my cute new sundress.  But today was different; I still have many underlying emotional issues, but it’s learning how to manage them that has changed everything.  It’s such a new world out there now, and I am having a delightful time discovering it!

Exercise: HIIT and strength training!  Nothing like a 7:30 am speedy session on the elliptical to wake you up!  I love how challenging thirty minutes of tough intervals can be; I definitely think I was in a cardio rut before discovering it.  Now I’m having tons of fun doing stuff besides just running!  I also did a lot of abs and arms too.  No leg strength until after the ultramarathon next weekend though; my legs don’t need to be any more fatigued than they already are.

I also walked at least four miles today; this probably would have been sufficient exercise in itself, but I hadn’t planned on it, and this city just has so much that has to be seen on your feet!

Beautiful day in the park my friends.  Please spend time outside this weekend!  You will enjoy every minute of it, I promise. 🙂

Today I felt freeeeeeeee!  Like my food didn’t matter; I wasn’t angry at my body or my perceived failures, I didn’t feel like I needed to run 10 miles or else I’d be fat, I didn’t feel like I had to go to a party, I didn’t feel lonely or guilty or unsure or blue or anything like that. I did feel enthralled, curious, beautiful, strong, graceful, unique, joyful, and worthy.  A good day!

I don’t want to dump twelve thousand pictures on you so no foods today.  I’ll recap some highlights though…

~Sweet eggs!  Egg puff/sliced banana souflee.  Totally nom-able!  Next time I’m adding maple syrup and cinnamon.

~Grilled cheese and veggie soup.  Why haven’t I had grilled cheese in forever?  Oh yeah, because I was afraid of bread.  No longer, my friends.  No.  Longer.

~Dinner oatmeal with chocolate covered pretzels.  I went there.

~A grapefruit the size of my head.

I have a little surprise to tell you about tomorrow!  I guess I’m just full of surprises.  I actually hate them myself, but I don’t mind making other people wait in suspense. *Evil grin*.

Have a fabulous weekend; do something fun for yourself!