The LSAT Monster

Today’s Happy Note: The LSAT is over. Over.  Over.  Over.  Well, for this time at least.  I am kind of freaking out because I know I really screwed up at least one section (read: I guessed on over half of the questions) so I might have to take it again.  It took 2 hours to get to the site, then there was 4 hours of testing interspersed with 3 hours of administrative BS then 2 hours to get back.  Yep, I left the dorm at 6:30 this morning and got back a little after 5.

Craziness.  It was one of the most intellectually/physically/emotionally draining things I have ever done.  I am *praying* I did ridiculously well on the sections that I thought went alright.  Feel free to join me in prayer.   We’re all constituents in this universe.  And I think that going to law school would make me a better constituent.  Therefore I need a good LSAT school.

Okay, that sounded really selfish.  Sorry.  You don’t really have to devote your prayers to my LSAT score.

I made a new friend while I was there though!  She is a super hot mom librarian.  Yeah, I know, random, but she was awesome — she even gave me a ride back to the train station afterwards so I didn’t have to take a cab.

I love when nice people come out of nowhere.  I needed it today. My LSAT story in pictures:

Studying on the elliptical last night.  Don’t worry, that wasn’t the first time I studied!

Taking the LSAT is pretty much an exercise in national security: you can only bring a limited amount of items into the test center, all in a one gallon plastic bag. Your water bottle must be less than 20 ounces with no label. You can only have an analog watch.  You get fingerprinted.  You bring your passport and should basically have your Social Security Number tattooed on your head.  It was super intense.

Moving on though!

First of all, thank you guys so much for your sweet comments Thursday!  It means a lot to me that people want to read about my therapy journey and that it proves valuable to some of you.  It certainly is valuable for me to write about it! 🙂

Fun fact: I have not taken a single picture of food in front of USB.  Not one.  And you know what?  I don’t want to.  I do take pictures of most of my food, both for personal record-keeping (I find that it helps me to keep track of what I have eaten, and to make sure I am getting plenty of variety), and to share in some posts, but not around USB.  It was something I thought about for a long time: I thought that I wasn’t being a true food/healthy living blogger if I didn’t photograph absolutely everything.  But, as my first nine months (!!!!) of blogging have shown me, blogging about health is about finding a balance.  Sometimes it is a very delicate balance, but I do believe in my heart that it exists for everyone.  For me, that balance has a couple of points relevant to this situation:

1.  So much of my health and well-being is tied to being social and having loving, caring people in my life.  USB is more important than any meal or any food picture.

2. Taking a brief break from thinking too much about food everyday helps clear my head; that way I don’t get obsessive about it.

By no means do these things hold true for all bloggers!  This is just what works for me.

Conclusion: USB and I have gone to lots of nice restaurants that I might tell you about someday, but for now, I don’t really want to think about food when I’m around him. 🙂

Dried fruit and nuts is the best snack ever!  I had dried apple rings with honey sesame almonds for my snack during the break for the test and it was definite brain food.

Oatmeal reflections.

I just did an awesome 20 minute pilates video from yoga download.  I also walked a bit — I needed a really easy day, activity wise.  Last night I lifted weights for 30 minutes and ellipticized for 40 minutes.

Hopefully all the rest I took from running this week (which I reallllllly needed) will pay off on tomorrow’s 20-miler!

Time to go in quest of some dinner.  And back away from the LSAT percentile/score chart websites. Back away, Caronae.

Nighty night!


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ~Jessica Zara~
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 04:59:52

    I am sure you did a lot better on the test than you think! And with trying to juggle so many other things in your life on top of that? I think you’re Wonder Woman!

    It’s great to have a relationship to cherish that doesn’t involve food, and I think it’s highly commendable that you’ve chosen to separate that part of your life from the loving relationship between yourself and USB.

    Hope the 20-miler goes well 😀



  2. Erin
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 07:45:30

    Congratulations on finishing the LSAT!!


  3. mymulticolouredlife
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 10:01:04

    Well done for getting through the test, and I hope it all works out ok for you 🙂

    Sarah x


  4. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 11:02:48

    CONGRATS ON BEING DONE!! Must be such a great feeling. I hope you’re treating yourself in some way today!!

    I understand the whole no-picture thing. Mike knows about the blog, so I take some pics around him, but I don’t get crazy about whipping out the camera for everything because it ruins the moment. It’s all about finding a balance, like you said!


  5. rebecca lustig
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 19:08:14

    CONGRATS, girl!

    i think its great youre able to restore balance between your personal and blog life.. its important for our moral sanities and intimacy.


  6. Kate
    Oct 10, 2010 @ 19:55:06

    oh my! i did not realize that taking the LSAT was such a process. yikes! congrats on being done tho. that has got to feel pretty good!


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  8. Cindy
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 16:15:02

    oh my gosh even thinking about taking tests like that sends me running for the hills!

    Good for you for tackling it! and fingers crossed for sure!!!!!

    I like what you said about how you balance your food/blogging life.
    good for you. Some parts do need your full attention and should be enjoyed!

    Happy Monday


  9. Maggie @ Say Yes to Salad
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 08:07:15

    Nice! You must feel very accomplished. I need to study and take the GRE at some point. Blah.

    Anything that is a distraction from food is good in my book 🙂 I’m glad you and USB are having fun.


  10. Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:06:43

    Congrats on finishing the LSAT. I hope you pass! 🙂

    And also, I agree that you don’t have to take a picture of everything you eat to be a healthy living or food blogger. I certainly don’t. It would drive me crazy and make me too obsessive if I did.


  11. Ada
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 12:52:13

    Congrats on finishing the LSAT, that’s such an accomplishment. Would you by anychance be interested in doing a long run this weekend? I’m aiming for about 20 miles. The only thing is that I would have to do it early in the morning, so I totally understand if that doesn’t work for you.


  12. lisaou11
    Oct 12, 2010 @ 21:57:46

    kudos to you for taking it! I studied it for a while and some of those sections made me realize I did NOT want to be a lawyer. It’s a tough test–GOOD JOIB!

    I thought law school simply bc I got a communication degree and I had no idea what I wanted to do.

    I’m glad I found out it wasn’t for me. I’m taking pre-reqs now for Nursing school and love the classes–so I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.


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