A Beautiful Day

Today’s Happy Note: Writing.  I haven’t done much non-blog writing since I was in the hospital.  I feel like what I have wanted to say has been trapped inside me lately, but for some reason, this evening, it all came pouring out.  Lots of words, lots of thoughts, lots of prose.  I needed it.

Today started nice and early for a very special trip to the Today Show…to see Caitlin! She was promoting her amazing, inspiring book, Operation Beautiful, based off of the Operation Beautiful website. I met up with a bunch of other bloggers around 6:30.  It was wonderful to be there for Caitlin — I truly felt joyful for her, and as a result, I felt good about myself.  And blog friends are amazing.  My mom always says things like, “but they aren’t ‘real’ friends?”  No, mom, they’re real.  We talk online and in person and they are good to me.  I love having things in common; it’s always so easy to talk to new blog friends.  There were so many people there — Tina, Gabriela, Sabrina, Theodora, Ashley, Rebecca, Lauren, Adriane, Cynthia, and Jess.  Sorry if I missed you!  Feel free to say hello. 🙂

Gabriela and I!

I have struggled with my body image for a long, long time.  Longer than I have been an “adult”, longer than I’ve been a runner.  Pretty much since I was a little girl.  But you know what?  There are so many other wonderful things about me that it seems silly to think that the way I look defines me.  I know, in my heart, that I am smart, creative, quick, strong, colorful, artistic, engaging, endearing, sweet, compassionate, passionate, and lovely, overall.  OB has helped me to understand this.  It has showed me that, even if I am still a little bit uncomfortable in my body, my beauty is so much more than that.  So thank you Caitlin and OB.

What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

I got in a great six miler today (plus another three or so walking) despite the 95 degree heat.  I was an idiot and decided that noon was a good time to run???  I incorporated a lot of hills into the run.  It was actually kind of fun; I felt like I was sweating all the bad things (physically and mentally) out of me.

I hope that we can all begin to love ourselves a little more.  The world doesn’t see me for my body.  The world doesn’t see the 15 extra pounds on me and think that makes me hideous and worthless.  I would never say the things that I say to myself to anyone else.  I have made many half-hearted attempts at positive self-talk in the past.  But it’s time to start for real now.  I love me.  I like my long, wild hair and my strong upper arms.  I like my breasts — sometimes their size is a little bit annoying, but they are distinctly womanly.  I like the way I can write pages and pages at a time, just spewing, and somehow it all fits together.  I like the fact that I’m not afraid to eat; I know what my body wants and needs.  I like my new found social skills; two years ago I NEVER would have met up with friends I didn’t know.  I like my creative desserts and baking skills.

I like the way my stomach is defined and strong, but also soft.

What do you like about you?


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kaztronomic
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 01:25:40

    I keep saying it, but you are *so* wise and insightful! I’m glad you had a great day, and I’m glad you’ve come to a place to accept and love yourself. =)

    I like that I’m very empathetic and I’m good at fixing things. 🙂


  2. Sarah
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 02:27:52

    I love this post! And I love all those things about you and more 🙂 You have every right to be proud of the amazing person that you are.
    As for me, I’d like to say colourful, artistic, witty, creative and sensitive…



  3. Erin
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 06:14:04

    Awesome! Looks like fun to get together with so many fabulous bloggers.


  4. It All Changes
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 08:01:05

    So wonderful to meet you and now read your story. You are amazingly beautiful both inside and out.

    And I can’t believe you ran in that heat yesterday. Jess, Becca and I were sweating buckets and seeking shelter in Air conditioned stores.


  5. Kate
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 08:01:34

    how cool! what great energy and people to be around! i am definitely supportive of the operational beautiful train of thought. so with that, i am funny, easy going, creative, loving, empathetic, smart, talkative…. have a lovely day woman!


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  7. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:01:35

    This is a great post! I wish I was there with all of y’all!!
    I love my muscular thighs! I used to think they were fat and hated wearing shorts, but now I embrace them!


  8. Anne @ Food Loving Polar Bear
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 11:03:57

    What a lovely way to spend the day!

    I love when we women appreciate ourselves and treat our bodies better 🙂 and I think I’m energetic, positive thinking, funny and kind.


  9. Ilana
    Aug 06, 2010 @ 13:59:49

    Ahh I’m so sad I had strep and had to miss yesterday =/ I ❤ Gabriela – and you guys are all so cute!!

    This is a wonderful post, by the way – and you are a fantastic writer. Kudos to you for learning to love yourself.

    Personally, I love my mind. It is strong, and wide open, and receptive. I have learned to use it for good. As long as I have my mind, healthy and sound, I am in good shape.


  10. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 07:41:33

    It was so great to see you on Thursday! Another meetup is definitely in order in September 🙂

    Yeah, it’s a shame we can’t see ourselves the way other people do. I freak out because I haven’t been doing ab work recently, but you no what? NO ONE ELSE NOTICES! It’s the same with everything…unless you gain 50 pounds in a month, no one cares. As looks-focused as our society is, personality is so much more influential in the way people see you. I’m glad you’re embracing what you love about yourself! Hope your weekend is off to a great start love!! xoxo


  11. Hayley
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 16:12:39

    Ahh, lucky you going to the Today Show! How fun, and important that we spread the message of OB. I too am working on loving myself and have made great progress in appreciating my sense of humor, my intelligence, my patience, and my loyalty, as well as my “imperfect” looks!


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