Today’s Happy Note: I have heard.  From an Exclusive Upper West Side source.  That there is a Trader Joe’s planned for 72nd and Broadway.  Breather, Caronae.  Breathe.  This is the greatest thing to happen in New York.  Since Union Square Trader Joe’s.

Today was decent but would have been much better if my sleeping hadn’t been so…disrupted…last night.  I kept waking up tangled in my sheets in deep panic that either (a) there was an axe murderer in my closet or (b) my fan, which has creepy red lights on it, was an evil monster.  I forgot to take my sleep medication last night and I am guessing that was the cause.  It was a very eerie experience.  One minute I would be wide awake craving a moment of sleep, the next moment I would be waking up from a nightmare never wanting to fall back asleep again.  Very bizarre.

I left the office early to do stuff for my other job and just ended up passing out back at my apartment.  Meh.  I had a great workout after I woke up though!

40 minutes full-body strength training.  I lifted hard and heavy for a lot of different exercises.  My arms, back, abs, legs — everything was screaming afterwards.  It felt amazing.  I love when you have a great strength session and you feel physically and mentally stronger afterwards.  I hit up the elliptical for an insane 30 minute HIIT sesh after the weights.  Not sure why it felt tougher than usual but I was drenched and my heart was racing!

I have made an important discovery of which I must inform you: I have found the most comfortable, fitting, soft, stretchy, breathable workout shirt ever.

It’s a pink Under Armor tank with a criss-cross back. It is dry-wicking.  The best thing about it is the way it fits.  I have sort of a strange upper-body and it is very hard to find workout tops that fit right.  For one, I have a very long torso.  This shirt is amazingly long!  My other problem is that, compared to my relatively thin waist, I am, well, rather well-endowed.  I have never found a tank with a built-in sports bra that supports me.  This didn’t just provide plenty of support and coverage, it also seemed to make my chest look somewhat normal-sized!

Okay, so do you want to know the deal-breaker?

It was $12 at TJMaxx.  Everyone has a different body, but if you have any features similar to mine, I would highly recommend this.  I literally can’t wait to do the laundry so I can wear it again. 🙂  Your favorite workout gear?

Eats hodgepodge: had three delicious meals today, plus plenty of delicious snacks.  There are a few things I haven’t minded eating hot lately — namely eggs and wraps/quesadillas.  There are something about warm cheese and hummus that just melts my heart.

Love fun tops on bottled iced tea!

Giant colors salad!  Red, orange, yellow, many shades of green, white.  What are your favorite colors to eat?

About to enjoy some new ice cream/sorbet finds and maybe frozen fruit!

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Diana (Soap & Chocolate)
    Jun 21, 2010 @ 21:19:00

    New NYC TJ’s??? That is big news indeed! That Union Sq. location needs some serious relief. Lucky for me, the Brooklyn location is usually manageable, but it would be nice to at least feel like it’s an option to go to the Union Sq. store!


  2. Sarah
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 02:40:22

    Ooh a fun looking salad indeed! An ideal meal for me would include every colour of the rainbow 🙂

    Sarah x


  3. Erin
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 07:28:23

    Ooh, fingers crossed that Trader Joe’s makes it’s way to you!!


  4. Joanne
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 07:28:30

    I think green is my favorite color to eat…I just find the color so appealing!

    I’ve found that the best time to go to the union square TJ’s is on weekends, ironically enough. But I have to say, I will be super excited for a 72nd street one. I’ll have to walk cross-town, but it will be so much easier than walking down 60 BLOCKS.

    I have a date with TJ Maxx apparently. I am not so well endowed. (LOL) But can always use new workout clothes!


  5. Christine @ Grub, Sweat and Cheers
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 11:56:12

    Lucky you and Trader Joe’s…I so wish we had them here.

    That top was a great find…can you get more? I have one favourite pair of adidas track pants that I wish I would have bought more of because I can’t find them anymore. Sigh.

    Red would be my fave colour to eat…raspberries, cherries, peppers of all varieties, most spices…all that fiery goodness.

    Hope you sleep better tonight!


  6. fitandfortysomething
    Jun 22, 2010 @ 13:40:02

    that looks like a fabulous workout top! how wonderful if the trader joes comes to town-yay!


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