Happy Sleep, Happy Eats, Happy Self

Today’s Happy Note: I just saw the cutest commercial ever.  It was for chiquita bananas and showed a little baby banana traveling to our stores….adorable.

Seeing commercials for things like bananas makes me happy!  Better advertisements for bananas than Lucky Charms and Double Stuf Oreos.

Speaking of produce. Go read this article.  It talks about organic vs. non-organic produce in terms of pesticide contamination.  Holy wow!  Many common produce items contain 47-67 pesticides!  Egads.  I think the best option is local; I get as much produce from the farmer’s market as possible.  After that, I get organic when affordable.  Some organics are priced similarly to conventionals, while others are a bit outrageous (like grapes).  One of the scary things about this article was that it put forward the idea that some pesticides can’t even be scrubbed off of produce — the chemicals actually seep into the entire plant.  Yuck.  As a student constantly on a budget, this is something I worry about.  Do you worry about this? Maybe it’s not worth the worrying.  I do the best  I can.

No workout today!  I read a post on Fitnessista the other day where she mentioned she woke up tired and skipped a morning workout.  So simple (and obvious –duh Caronae) but so brilliant!  I often drag myself out of bed in the morning to get a workout in before the rest of the day takes over.  Today I opted for the sleep.

Early morning wokrout pros:

  • It’s over and done with
  • Energizes me for the rest of my day
  • Cool outside, not too humid
  • Leaves time in the evening to relax
  • I can’t put it off

Late afternoon/evening workout pros:

  • Sleeping in a bit
  • Leisurely breakfast/morning
  • Less likely to be late for work
  • Makes me tired for bed

In my mind, morning workouts work better for me.  The only problem is that I need an inordinate amount of sleep.  It’s taken me a while to come to terms with this.  I’m not one of these 6-7 hours a night people.  I need 8-9 hours if I am going to be functional and energetic during my day.  I’ve been doing well going to bed early, but sometimes I want to be out with my friends.  I think this is something I’ll have to play by ear; some mornings are going to be more inviting than others.

Lots of happy eats today!

Dinner: exactly what I was craving.  Vanilla Almond Butter and raspberry jam with a side of apple slices.  Disordered eating fact: I have a secret fear of eating fruit (as opposed to vegetables) with dinner.  Fruit has more calories and more sugar, obviously, but it is also perfectly good for you.  And I had plenty of veggies with lunch.  Tonight I was really craving an apple so I went for it!  Perfect little side dish.

Notice the little G&B?  Green and Black’s 70% is my go-to dark chocolate.  Never fails.  Creamy but also deeply chocolaty.

Mental Health Note: No therapy this week (L on vacation)!  Makes me a little nervous.  I’ll probably do some journaling tonight, maybe a little bit of stream of consciousness type of stuff.  I need to at least get some thoughts out; sometimes in therapy I just spew and spew and spew.  I’ll miss L’s insights and kindnesses this week.  But that just means I’ll have to come up with my own!  Here’s to being kind to myself!

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda @ . seek .
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 20:56:05

    Hey girl! That’s crazy that you blogged about getting a little anxious from fruit at the same time I did; there must be a little fruit anxiety going around. Good for you for having an apple with your dinner, though! It always feels the best when we end up eating what we want to eat instead of what we think we SHOULD eat. Besides, fruit is good for us. It’s only our ED’s that would have us believing otherwise, and we all know how flawed an ED’s logic is…

    As for the whole pesticides debate, yes, I worry about it sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to. There are things that I’ll only buy organic (berries, apples, grapes, cherries, bell peppers, peaches, etc) but I’m not so strict with most other things.

    Hope you’re having a great night!


  2. Michelle
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 00:07:18

    I love the Fitnessista’s advice. She inspires so many of my healthy living habits today 🙂


  3. Sarah
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 00:32:16

    Yes indeed – be kind to yourself. I remember when my therapist went away a few weeks ago, and I felt lost without my therapy session, even though I’d barely started!

    Hehe I love the idea of a baby banana advert – how cute! And good for you going for fruit with a meal. In fact I’ve been thinking alot more about organic vs non-organic in the recent months, as well as what it means to shop ethically for food. It’s something I still don’t know much about, thus some research is needed methinks…

    Also can I just say I am so jealous you get to work in a library – it’d be such a cool job to have!

    Sarah x


  4. Kate
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 06:43:39

    i was battling the whole get up early and work or wait until the end of the day this morning. clearly later in the won out! usually i have a break around 10 am and get a little work out in then but not today 😦


  5. lisasfoods
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 07:02:35

    I definitely worry about pesticides, especially their effects on children and infants. So many kids eat conventional produce, and their bodies are so small and absorb so much more of them. It makes me wonder how all of these chemicals are going to affect them later in life. I’d like to stick to as much organic as possible for my own kids someday.


  6. julie
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 10:17:09

    great advice from the fitnessista!

    apples so go good with everything 🙂 espeeecially chocolate! hope you have a great day girl!


    • caronae
      Jun 09, 2010 @ 10:24:15

      Never would have thought of apples and chocolate together but it does sound good! I’ll hav tot ry melting a little dark chocolate and making a dipping sauce for them. Yum 🙂


  7. Christine @ Grub, Sweat and Cheers
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 11:31:24

    My fruit-weirdness is bananas…they were a no-no in my world for so long that I still feel rather naughty when I eat them now.

    I so worry about the crap that is on fruit and veg. I get freaked when I read about the things they find when they analyze breastmilk. Our poor kids. I too try to buy local and am trying to grow as much of my own stuff as possible.

    Glad you got some rest!


  8. Hayley
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 12:11:36

    Good decision skipping the workout. Now that you’re rested your next one will be awesome!! Green & Blacks chocolate is one of my favorite brands. I thinkkk they make one with ginger which is just delish. Journaling will definitely help keep your head clear 🙂


  9. Joanne
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 14:46:12

    I am such a morning workout person as well…but school has turned me into a late afternoon workout person. Now I don’t even get hungry for dinner if I don’t work out at night. It’s so weird. And yet I’m always ravenous for lunch…no matter what.

    I try not to worry about all the pesticides and stuff. I actually rarely ever wash fruits and veggies. It’s bad. But I figure that there has to be some truth to this whole hygiene hypothesis (that the reason so many kids nowadays have allergies is because we’re too clean!) and so I’m not so worried. I do try to buy local when I can!

    Good for you for listening to your body! And have your fruit if you want it. I love apples and could never ever ever give them up!


    • caronae
      Jun 09, 2010 @ 17:31:45

      I absolutely agree with the hygiene hypothesis! I never use hand sanitizer, bleach etc. and could care less about dirt! My problem is with the chemicals/pesticides — those are different and actually contain potentially poisonous substances.


  10. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 16:06:43

    I eat fruit with EVERY meal. It’s delicious and nutritious, and I heard it from the team of nutritionists that I work with just this morning that my 7.5 daily servings are just fine 🙂 I definitely worry about pesticides, but I think it’s more important that we draw attention to the “dirty dozen,” than telling people to go 100% organic. Good produce gets expensive, and it’s not good to turn people off of buying it!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day 🙂


  11. imaginenamaste
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 19:13:32

    Be kind to yourself, too! When my therapist is gone, I like to do something that is kind of like pampering or “therapy”–last time, a friend invited me to go paint pottery, soooo much fun! Journalling is a great idea, and that way, if anything comes up, you will have it written down to remember what to talk with your therapist about (I always forget those things…..)


  12. Katherine: What About Summer?
    Jun 09, 2010 @ 21:28:23

    sleep makes all the difference. It’s better to get more sleep and worry about pesticides less. happy almost weekend!


  13. shesarunner
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 23:28:23

    I do worry about organics, probably more than I should. I have tried to lighten up about it a little. I absolutely love purple grapes (and tying into another part of your post, I used to avoid them like the plague because of their sugar content) but now I love them again and I can’t buy them because the organic ones are SO expensive. It is ridiculous and I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on grapes right now. I can barely pay my rent! I just worry about pesticides and such, but I guess I should start following the dirty dozen rule and doing what I can instead of worrying. I honestly feel that it is pointless to worry about food when we can be out living our lives and being happy. Obsessing over food is just a symptom, not a real problem, and I think it’s important to get over the hump so that we can truly be okay.


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