Finals Challenge Day 2 And Yummy Study Eats

Today’s Happy Note: Talking to my sister!  I always forget to call her but hearing her voice and listening to what’s going on in her life always makes me happy.  Hi Darya!  I love you!

Guess what!  I just finished my second 15-page paper of the semester!  That means two 15-pagers and one 8-pager down, one 10 page take home final and one in class final to go.  And then I’m a senior!  Gah!  I am definitely over the hump in terms of workload and I feel so very relieved.  I can’t believe I’m 3/4 of the way through college. Weird.

Finals Week Health Challenge (Day 2):

1. Check!  I got my weight lifting and my HIIT on (for 30 minutes each) this morning.  I was way sweatier than usual; I hate that about summer.  I’m already susceptible to sweat overload and humidity makes it that much worse.  Yick. Anyone have any summer workout tips?

2. Check!  I was a produce (and Maranatha Dark Chocolate Almond Spread) monster today.  I had a banana, lunch salad with greens, eggplant, carrots, mushroom, and artichoke, and carrots, broccoli, and more mixed greens with dinner.  I would have liked to have a bit more fruit (I was craving a crunchy apple or grapes this afternoon) but the fresh produce budget is low low low right now.  I actually had a really funny conversation with my mom the other day; we were filling out financial aid forms together )over the phone) and she needed to know things like how much money I made last summer and what my expenditures were.  As I was trying to figure out where all my savings went, I said, “But mom, they don’t seem to be accounting for my expensive produce habit!”  We both laughed.  I guess better an expensive produce habit than an expensive obesity-related illness habit.

3. Check! Just had a very chocolatey dessert and haven’t been too snacky at all today or this evening.

4. Check!  My “date” (which, by the way, was very fun — we had lunch and talked for a long time, and he said we should hang out this summer!) instilled a little bit of confidence in me!  It was nice.  I actually told myself that I looked good in the dress that I wore.  Which I think I do!

Hodgepodge of study eats from the past few days (I think Monica’s blog tagline is apt here “running around and eating a lot, mostly healthy sometimes not!”):

This dinner was my attempt at being macrobiotic.  I loved my dinner at Souen a few weeks ago so much that I decided to recreate it!  I think I was actually pretty successful, minus the rice.  I has brown rice, pinto beans, greens salad, steamed broccoli, and roasted carrots, all topped with some Annie’s Goddess dressing, which tasted surprisingly similar to the creamy miso tahini dressing I had at Souen.  I really enjoyed this dinner and I think it was pretty complete and healthy.  Minus the roasting off the carrots, everything came together in ten minutes.  The rice was a failure though; dry, hard, icky.  I think maybe I really just don’t like rice.

So I’ve been eating lots of easy but yummy meals.  I am out of frozen berries but am hoping a quick trip to WF tomorrow will remedy that, so that I can eat even more smoothies.

I’m off to read and enjoy a well-deserved night off from schoolwork (although seeing as I worked until eleven I’m not sure how much of a night off it really is)!  Back to the grind tomorrow.

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather friends!  What’s new and exciting in your lives?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    May 05, 2010 @ 00:43:37

    I like the word hodgepodge hehe 🙂 I would be enjoying the weather over here if it were only a bit warmer! As for my news, I have a scary job interview this morning…and I start a college course this evening…

    Ooh and you had a date? Glad it went well 🙂

    Sarah x


  2. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    May 05, 2010 @ 07:07:58

    Sounds like you had a pretty great day!! The lunch date sounds fun- I’ll bet you WERE pretty in your dress! I have an absurd produce habit too…my parents still pay for my groceries, and are amazed at how much produce I can eat. You’re right though, it’s definitely healthier and cheaper in the long run than diseases due to an unhealthy diet!!


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