The Two Pound Salad.

Today’s Happy Note: Joined a gym!  NYSC is cheap and the staff are nice so I went with that.

Randomly, I had a really weird experience at Equinox.  When you go in for the first time, you sit down with a manager.  The manager was crazy!  For those of you non New-Yorkers, Equinox is a really high-end gym.  They have a branch very close to me and they don’t list their prices online, so I just went in.  Anyways, I was talking with the manager and he asked me where I live.  I politely told him both my mailing address and my street address, in case he needed either.  He was like, “um, that’s not walking distance.”  I gently pointed out that my apartment is just under a half of a mile from the gym.  He continued to yell at me that that was not walking distance.  Why did he care?  And this is a gym — presumably, many healthy people, for whom a half mile is not very long, go there!  Whatever.  I think he was upset when I said I was a student — like he knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Then he proceeded to demand if I had walked by any other gyms on the way.  I said, “yes, but I wanted to check out this one.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be here…”.  He then asked me detailed questions about the prices and amenities of the gyms nearby I had visited, one of which he stated that he used to work at!  I asked him why he needed to know the price if he used to work there and he said “well, that was last year, they probably changed it.”  This was getting more and more bizarre.  The final straw: he asked me what I knew about Equinox.  I said I know it is a very nice gym in the city.  Was I supposed to know more than that????  He then said, and this is a direct quote, “well, it’s gonna be really hard for me to sell it to you from that standpoint.”  Um, excuse me?  You’re the salesperson.  That’s a pretty idiotic (not to mention, rude) thing to say to any potential customer, regardless of your personal feelings about them.  I didn’t realize that it was a test or something.

Anyways, I’m not upset or anything, just confused.  Who acts like this? The guy was either really dumb or really rude.  Neither of which are especially good qualities for a salesperson.  Weird.

Happy Memorial to American readers!  I hope you enjoyed your day off, if you had it off.  A three day weekend was quite nice.  The weather was perfect!  I met up with my friend Linda in CP and we walked, talked, lay in the grass and ate brownies for hours.  It was really fun and I didn’t have to be lonely at all on the holiday.  I think I actually walked close to five miles today.  Also did a 20 minute power yoga class from Hi Linda!

Dinner was American-inspired.  Ish.  Tuna salad  is American, right? Especially when made with hummus and Greek yogurt…

Caronae’s tasty tuna

1 can tuna in water (I used TJ’s)

Big spoonful plain 2% Greek yogurt

Big spoonful hummus (I like sabra garlic the best)

Shake lemon pepper

Shake sea salt.

Mix it all together and eat it atop a salad with tons of veggies.  Perfect light summer dinner.  Twas a happy Memorial Day meal.

I actually couldn’t finish this!  It probably weighed a good two pounds.  I saved a lot of the tuna for lunch tomorrow.  This is probably the most veggie-riffic meal I’ve ever had: mixed salad greens were topped with tuna salad (with cucumber and carrot mixed in), steamed broccoli, and leftover asparagus, sugar snap peas, and mushrooms. Noms all around, per usual.

I’m watching the Cake Boss marathon and about to munch on some sorbet!

Goodnight!  I hope you all had a fabulous, relaxing day.

Sunday Funday Frienday

Today’s Happy Note: Looking at different gyms for the summer.  It’s fun, but some of them are expensive!

Caronae is a very tired pumpkin seed today.  Lots of walking and time in the sun = one exhausted girl.  I’m going to have to let the pictures do (most of) the talking.

Festivals in Brooklyn with friends are fun.

BAM is fun.

Piles of blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and whip cream are fun.  My friend’s dad invited us over for brunch.  These were divine; I have no idea how he got them so fluffy, but it was like eating a pillow.  A pillow stuffed with mountains of wild blueberries.

Rooftop gardens are spectacularly fun.  New York City in the summertime is fun (when it’s not deathly hot).

Bowls, drums, jewelry. All fun.

Fun fact about Caronae: I love elephants.

Fresh fruit = fun snack (strawberry and pear).

Free new shoes are very fun!  I got these from my friend’s dad’s girlfriend.  I have very few dress shoes so these will be nice for work.

Egg puffs in salads are always fun.

Not obsessing about exercise or precise calorie intake is pretty fun too!  I got in my fair share of walking today too.  I don’t have a picture, but McDonald’s sweet tea is wonderfully fun.  I am aware that it’s mostly sugar and I don’t care.  It is one of the best drinks in the world and is the only thing I go to McDonald’s (or really any fast food place) for.

What was fun for you today?

It’s easy to forget how important  fun is for our mental health.  If you have trouble letting yourself have fun (I think many women, especially, do), make a list of your favorite fun things and try one out when you’re feeling down.

My list includes things from this post and…

  • new swimsuits
  • word games and sudoku puzzles
  • picnics with friends
  • adventures in the park
  • any type of flower, especially orchids
  • collecting bird pins
  • baking
  • frozen fruit in the summer
  • checking out books from the library
  • cooing over fuzzy ducklings
  • reading poems
  • reading blogs
  • finding discounted kitchen appliances
  • wearing dresses

And many more things, of course! 🙂  What does your fun list look like?

Long Run Tips And Eats

Today’s Happy Note: Writing in my journal.  It has a drawing of a vegetable patch  on the cover, with a rooster and flowering plants in the background.  I love it.

Busy day!  Long run, farmer’s market, loads of writing, acquired a plant for my windowsill (!), a few work emails, chatting with family on phone, eating fun dinner, reading, lounging, snuggling.  Perfect things for a mellow Saturday!

Long run: I *think* I ran somewhere between 13 and 14 miles.  I ran for 138 minutes and roughly mapped it out at, which is useful but by no means perfectly accurate.  I actually don’t miss my dysfunctional garmin.  I find it kind of freeing to run based on feeling alone.

Caronae’s Long Run Tips:

  • Bring water and a snack — invest in a waist pack or a camel bak (I have this one from amphipod –works perfectly).  If possible, plan your route so you  will run by a few water fountains or public bathrooms so that you can refill or make a pit stop.
  • Don’t be afraid to stop and stretch or walk for a minute or two if you need to.  The heat and humidity right now make long runs that much harder and sometimes just a quick break helps you recharge during the middle of a tough run.
  • It can be fun to pick a destination and run there.  For example, I love planning long runs so that I end up at the farmer’s market and can buy myself a tasty treat.  Just make sure you have a way to get back, or make it a round trip.
  • Make sure you carry a cellphone, keys, ID, and any other important items in a zippered pocket.  Another trick for keys is tying them into your shoe laces.
  • Consume plenty of potassium and magnesium on the day of your run, before and after.  Your body needs these nutrients to replenish lost electrolytes.  They help prevent cramping.
  • Don’t worry about anyone else.  If a long run is 5 miles for you right now, that’s fine.  Build up slowly.  Add a mile or two every week, or every other week if you need more time to adjust.  Eight miles is an accomplishment for anyone.  Before you know it you’ll be able to do a half-marathon.  Just don’t set out to run a half-marathon if the farthest you’ve ever done is 4 miles.
  • The key to long-runs is listening to your body.  Your legs and chest and lungs and muscles and hips will tell you things.  Your legs might say “slow down” or “walk for a minute” or “faster turnover, please!”  Listen.

This morning’s long run ended at the farmer’s market.  One of my most favorite places in the city is the Union Square market on Saturdays.  Busy but in a pleasant sort of way.  I’ve become an expert at weaving in and out of crowds of yuppies wielding Whole Foods bags and reusable tea cups.

I really wanted to bring my camera, but it doesn’t fit in the aforementioned amphipod.  Sad face.  I had a lovely brunch in the Union Square park of Ronnybrook chocolate milk, sumac tea, and a blueberry- cranberry scone from a place called Hudson Valley Farmhouse.  Admittedly, it wasn’t really a scone.  It was light and airy and more muffin-y. But whatever it was, it was amazing.  I might just have to make this a weekly engagement.

Other purchases: Ronnybrook skim milk, mixed baby lettuces, sugar snap peas (fresh local sugar snap peas are indescribably delectable), and a fuschia!  I have a plant for my room now! I am so excited.  I named her Fanny Fuschia and I am going to take such good care of her this summer.  Pictures to come, I promise.  My next plant is going to be a set of herb seedlings.

Long run eats!

This is the boldest color I’ve ever achieved in a smoothie.  I like it!

Dinner might win the random award but if that’s the case then it also deserves a random-but-tasty award.  Sometimes I think random dinners are the best.  This was a wrap filled with a mixture of the following: smashed Dr. Praeger’s tex-mex veggie burger, 1 egg, and white cheddar cheese.  I mixed it all together and microwaved it.  I came out like a souffle.  A tasty tasty souffle meant to be eaten in a wrap alongside a sautee of mushroom, asparagus, and sugar snap peas (with olive oil and poppy seed dressing).  See, I told you it was random.

Okay.  Confession time.  Now that Stephanie mentioned the whole asparagus-urine issue, I feel like it’s my turn to come out of the closet.  Asparagus makes my pee smell.  Very very much.  I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, so I’m just curious: if you feel comfortable answering, I have to know.  When you eat asparagus, does it make your pee smell like asparagus?

Wow, that was incredibly unappetizing.  And yet my dessert was too good not to share!

Sometimes I bring my own fro-yo toppings.  That way I can have exactly what I want in the quantity I want for free.  It’s a win-win situation.  This is semi-sweet chocolate chips, TJ’s PB and A mix, and TJ’s chocolate covered cherries (meh, too sweet).

Eaten in the park with a side of Jhumpa Lahiri.

My legs often cramp up in the evening after a long run so I went for a two-ish mile stroll and then settled into some very tight, but relaxing, pigeon poses.

After writing last night’s post, I realized that I was feeling very anxious, and this was stemming from two sources: feeling upset about therapy (I’ve been thinking about it all week) and feeling lonely (thanks everyone for your soothing comments!).  I decided I could do a few small things to alleviate both of these problems!

I have one friend in the city right now and I asked her if she wanted to do something tomorrow and she actually mentioned there was a music festival she wanted to go to.  Score.  Then, another friend called tonight and said she doesn’t have plans for Memorial Day either, so we’re going to go to CP!  I’m much happier now!  Friends make the world go round.

I also decided that I needed to do a free-write letter to my therapist; not one that I’ll actually send, but just as a way to get my thoughts out.  I’m really happy with what I came up with and I think I’ll read it to her next week and see if she can help me feel comfortable in therapy again.

How do you like to spend your Saturdays in summer?

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