Smooth(ie) Saturday

Today’s Happy Note: Emailing with a blog friend and helping her out.  It made me feel useful or valuable!  And in a way, blogging, for me, is all about trying to help both myself and others with their health — mental, physical, spiritual, whatever.  I have truly come to adore the blogging community; when I need help, others are there for me; when someone else is struggling, I do what I can.  It’s a nice little world to have!

Thanks everybody for the tips from yesterday!  So thoughtful.  Unfortunately, I forgot to mention one minor detail: I lack significant freezer space.  I have a mini fridge and the freezer is about the size of a peanut butter jar.  I can fit one item in at a time; usually I freeze fruit for smoothies, although maybe I’ll alternate frozen fruit with veggies for the next few weeks.  Thanks!

Exercise: I woke up this morning knowing that there would be a group run for the running club at eleven, but had no idea how far I wanted to go.  I honestly couldn’t decide if it was a four mile day or a fourteen mile day!  Normally I am more sure before I set out, but it was nice to have a little flexibility.  I ran a few miles with some girls from the club and then they split off to do a shorter run and I decided on  medium-long run.  It was the perfect compromise!   Smooth, Caronae.  Smooth.  (BTW, that is such a weird word!)  I ended up doing nine miles through Central Park.  It was a lovely day, but it was quite crowded.  Meh.  It wasn’t that hot at all (the little electronic billboard at Columbus Circle said 60 degrees) but I was sweating buckets and dying of thirst — my lips and throat were getting so dry that I just had to keep swallowing my own spit.  It was disgusting.  I stopped for water at drinking fountains at least three times, but it never seemed to make a dent in my thirst.  Very weird, no? Does this ever happen to anybody else? Normally I can go quite far without water when it isn’t boiling; I’m like a little camel.  Only I don’t have humps.  Duh.

Eats: This weather has been making me want nothing but smoothies.  Seriously, I could eat them for every single meal and every single snack right now.  My blender is such a life-saver.  It is going to be so useful on those dripping hot NYC summer days when all I want to do is pass out (literally) in a giant, cool puddle.  But I won’t have to do that because I have a blender and I can make delicious icy smoothies!  With frozen berries or peaches or bananas and all sorts of yummy things!  I consumed two today.  SIAB style, of course!

What other veggies can easily be added to smoothies besides spinach? I saw Kath do lettuce once and Heather do cucumbers, but I’m a bit afraid!  Does it taste good?

I’m so excited to experiment with summer salads once I’m free from school and living in an apartment with a (hopefully) better kitchen and (hopefully) more free time.  Eggplant, basil, carrots, asparagus, peaches, berries, wheat pasta, beans, lentils — there are so many delicious ingredients to be experimented with!  Anybody have a favorite summer-y salad recipe?

There is one warm thing I don’t stop craving just because it’s hot: oatmeal! I just had some oats in a pb jar for a little snack, actually!  It’s just a perfect breakfast, all year long, although I may rotate in cereal once in a while. 🙂  Maybe.  And it’s smooth.

Social life: I went to a “party” with the running club last night.  It was decently fun, but a bit boring.  I am such a geek though, I can never seem to stay out much past midnight.  11:30 rolls around and I’m ready to go have a snack, read, and turn off the lights!  At least I still find some ways to get in quality social interaction.  I am clearly so socially smooth. Tonight I went to a concert on campus and then a play in the student center that my best friend was in.  Definitely enough friend-time for one day!  I also managed to get a small amount of reading done, although not much.  I was reading outside on a lawn since it was so sunny and I was sitting next to a group of sorority girls who were having the most idiotic discussion ever.  It was so totally distracting!  They just talked about parties, painting their nails, other girls, and clothes the whole time.  These things are fine, but somehow, they made it sound really, really stupid.  Score one for the boys.  At least they’re upfront about the idiocy of their conversations.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Apr 24, 2010 @ 23:42:26

    i am so glad to hear you went to a!
    and veggies in smoothies…well zucchini is very neutral and adds bulk without being “heavy” if that makes sense.
    cucumbers, greens of all kinds, whatever you have…just make sure to use stevia or agave or something unless you’re a die-hard. i am not!


  2. Sarah
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 02:06:06

    Thank you very much for your email – it was really helpful to get some advice 🙂

    I love the word smooth hehe and I adore smoothies, in fact it’s been too long since I last had one! As for salads I like egg salad….

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds it hard to stay out late, and finds conversations about nails and parties rather boring and superficial. I think this comes from having brothers!

    Sarah x


  3. Ada
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 07:04:22

    Hey! I almost went to the CURR party but was lame and went to sleep instead haha. Glad to hear I didn’t miss much;)

    I was at Bacchanal as well, too bad I didn’t see you:( Good luck with finals, you will ROCK them!!!


  4. Erin
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 07:43:29

    You could probably put in a small amount of any veggie and not taste a huge difference, especially something with a “mild” taste like cucumber (if you were just adding to your regular smoothie recipe). I like green smoothies as an afternoon snack in the summer but just can’t wrap my head around them as a meal–my stomach refuses to believe it’s enough food.


  5. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    Apr 25, 2010 @ 20:44:02

    “At least they’re up front about the idiocy of their conversations.” Totally cracked me up because it’s SO TRUE! I’ve absolutely caught myself talking like an idiot about my hair/friends/life before, and I cringe every time. Ah well, it’s part of being a girl I guess!

    I hate being super thirsty when I run. It tends to happen if I didn’t drink enough water the day before!

    Hope you have a great Monday love!!


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