Adventure Friday, Groceries, Exercise: What The Cool College Kids Are Doing

Today’s Happy Note: I was productive!  Crammed a lot into the day (all things I wanted to be doing) which always feels good!

I’m dead tired right now (see happy note).  But I do have some fun things to share with you all before I pass out.  At 11:00.  On a Friday night.   I know, I am a really really cool college student. Oh, and warning: this post is very wordy.  Read at your own peril.

Exercise: I definitely overdid it on the physical activity today,but it was unintentional.  It’s strange to me how people can be sedentary when there are so many thing to do!  Although I am spoiled by New York, I will admit.  Anyways, I hit up the gym this morning for some strength training (40 minutes of hard work!) and HIIT (30 minutes on the elliptical, also hard work!)

I probably walked about a mile in the morning and early afternoon just moving between buildings.  After work, it was time for one of my most favorite activities, grocery shopping!  This is another thing that all the cool college students are doing nowadays. Getting excited about buying romaine and english cucumbers and dried mango and almond butter.  Seriously, why do people even need parties?

I ended up walking pretty far with the grocery bags — unintentional arm workout #2.  As soon as I was back from a very active grocery trip it was time to head out the door to yoga!  My cousin and I have a standing Friday night date at yoga.  It’s really fun!  Although she’ll be gone for a few weeks and i don’t have a yoga buddy. 😦  Anyone want to join me?

It was just the two of us and a very hot teacher.  I won’t lie, I have trouble concentrating on the yoga when the teacher is a super attractive, young male.  It’s just hard, ya know?  And I am totally not one of those girls who giggles over every boy she sees.  At all.  AND he was an amazing teacher.  He taught me a few new poses, helped us align/adjust, and gave super-duper massages.  The class was killer though!  If I would have just gone to this and that would have been my only movement all day, I’d have been wiped!

After that I made grocery run #2 to Trader Joe’s.  It was pouring rain and chilly, but I was already near Union Square and wasn’t going to waste the Subway fare to come back down again later!  I ended up walking with my new groceries pretty far again and probably walked another mile or two.  Unintentional arm workout #3.  Seriously, my arms are dead just typing right now.  I hope I’m alive tomorrow.

Wow that was an epic day of exercise.  Do you guys ever have days like that where you are just go go go and you end up moving  A LOT?

Friday Adventures!

I know Janetha (and other bloggers too!) does a little post called Flashback Fridays.  I always want to do it but can never think of what to write!  But then I realized, as I was having a little adventure this afternoon, that this is a very exciting time in my life filled with so many fun and amazing activities, encounters, and experiences.  I can never remember anything fun from the past to write about so why not do an Adventure Friday instead?  Feel free to share your adventures in the comments or to do your own post about it!

Seeing as it was Cookie Friday, per Tina, I decided to make a little Cookie Friday/Adventure Friday fusion quest.  Wow.  Cool college student.  Again.  So cool.  Ada told me about a yummy bakery called Levain last week, so I headed out this afternoon in search of their famous cookies.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by a tiny, adorable little storefront.  It was on a side street, but the line was still out the door.  Don’t worry though, it moved quickly, and I did not experience any cookie hunger pangs.  They only offer four flavors in an effort to keep everything simple, clean, and tasty.  And they most certainly succeed in this.  After much deliberation I settled on the chocolate chip walnut.

Oh.  Dear.  Lord.  It is a good place this bakery is more located two miles from me.  This cookie is abut the size of your entire hand and more than two times as thick, kind of like a scone.  I have no idea how they managed to achieve a gooey, warm center and a perfectly golden, gently crisp outside with such a seriously thick cookie.  But they did.  I don’t think I have ever encountered so many fillings in a cookie either, including those that I have made (and I tend to be rather heavy handed with the add-ins).  There was, like, a pound of walnuts and chocolate chips in there.  Each.  I can’t think of any cookie I have ever had in my life that was better than this.  It’s possible that there has been one that I don’t recall.  But this is now my number one.  There is just one minor problem…

It was $4.00!  I do not now, nor will I ever, I suspect, have room for $4.00 cookies in my budget.  I was willing to buy one and try it once but, unless I win the lottery or someone buys me one of their cookies, I will not be going back.  You heard me Levain: your cookies are exorbitantly priced.  I know this is true because there were SO many customers there; clearly they were raising the price because the demand is so high.  I guarantee that these cookies do not have $4.00 worth of ingredients in them.  So they have lost one customer, despite their deliciousness.

Okay so that was really only part I of the adventure…

I went to Whole Foods for groceries afterwards and there was a certain special someone in their normal sample area.  A special someone, you ask?  Who?  Well I’ll tell you who…

A vita-mix salesperson.  And boxes and boxes of vita-mixes.  I chatted him up for a good fifteen minutes and tried to explain how desperate I am for a vita-mix.  He basically laughed in my face.  Apparently vita-mix is a very elitist appliance.  But one that I covet, nonetheless.  I stared at them for another several minutes and then almost burst into tears.  I am not exaggerating; at certain times of the month I get weirdly emotionally vulnerable, so it’s not entirely my fault.  But as I was walking away from the vita-mixes, I almost cried.  I teared up.  It was that sad.  Okay, at this point it has become clear to me that I am probably one of the weirdest college students on the entire planet. But I’m okay with that!  Being a little weird never killed anybody.

I am making a promise to myself: when I graduate from school and have a full time, and hopefully well-paying, job, this will be my very first big purchase.  For myself.  A vita-mix.  I do not want a fancy dress or a designer bag or a trip to a spa.  I.  Want.  A.  Vita-mix.  And I will save every last penny and buy the damn thing for myself!

Although I have eaten many yummy things today, including new TJ’s finds, I think that’s enough for now!

Lots to do tomorrow!  I like busy days 🙂

Happy weeeekkkkkeeeennndddd!


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 01:30:09

    Wow just hearing you talk about that cookie made me drool! When I come back to New York (which I will one day!) I really must try one! Hehe and you made me laugh about that hunky yoga teacher 😉

    Happy weeeekkkkkeeeennndddd to you too 😀

    Sarah x


  2. Sara K
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 11:16:23

    That cookie looks amazing…but you’re right…$4…damn.
    Hope you have a great weekend 🙂


  3. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 11:55:14

    LOL @ the Vitamix story 🙂 I desperately want one too-have been asking for one for b’days and xmas for the past 5 years…to no avail. I have recently asked for one for my graduation gift…we shall see what happens!


  4. theemptynutjar
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 19:16:54

    that cookie looks good. walnut-banana-chocolate chip muffins and bread is great too.


  5. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Apr 17, 2010 @ 22:57:02

    Omg: a gooey, warm center and a perfectly golden, gently crisp outside with such a seriously thick cookie.

    THAT looks PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Do you guys ever have days like that where you are just go go go and you end up moving A LOT?”
    that would be called motherhood to a toddler 🙂

    Thx for your contest entries!


  6. Darya
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 01:49:48

    Dear little sister,
    you are very weird but i love you very much.
    seriously, who covets a vita-mix? or drools over yoga teachers?
    I am jeleous of your cookie though. And currently sympathizing with insomnia. I can’t sleep for more than an hour or two at a time. I also cant stay awake for more than an hour….
    Did that happen to you when you got mono? also my friend said if I am not careful my spleen may burst….I think she is lying?
    I am definitely not starting a blog yet- my life is insanely boring right now….


  7. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 07:11:55

    Oh. My. God. That cookie. It looks like a huge slice of Toll House pie in cookie form. Dear lord. I’m glad it’s far from me too, otherwise I can see many $4 cookies in my hands as well.

    If you’re weird for wanting a Vita, then so am I. I’m DYING for one. Fortunately, my BF’s mom just got one, so at least I’ll have one to play with over the summer.

    Hope you’re having a great weekend love!!


  8. Joanne
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 07:52:37

    First of all, you should read my last post. It’s all about how I love going to bed early. And revel in my lameness.

    Second of all, grocery shopping is probably my favorite activity of the week. Again. I am super cool. :p

    I get emotional over Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers so I totally understand! I want one. That. Badly.


  9. Kate
    Apr 18, 2010 @ 19:57:33

    oh my gosh. that cookies looks amazing. the melty gooey center is just too much! but 4 dollars is way too much for a cookie. seriously people!


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