Bookstore Musings, Perfect Yoga, Serious Snackage

Today’s Mini Goal: Do more stretching.  I am very naturally flexible, and as such I tend to forget that this doesn’t mean my muscles don’t need to be stretched and opened up sometimes, especially with my little running habit.  I did a bit tonight and it felt oh-so-good.  I can’t believe I’m posting this on the Internet, but here is photographic evidence of said flexibility (and this pose I’m in here wasn’t at all challenging; I could do the splits comfortably with my front leg positioned up on a two to three foot mat).

Scary to think it’s been ten years since then.  I like to think I’ve accomplished a lot and learned new things about myself and the planet in that time.  I hope I can continue to learn, grow, and create during this next decade; I’ll be thirty before it’s over.  Not that thirty’s old, but that’s still a bit freaky.


No monster run today.  It was just one of those days where I had to lay in bed and read and think.  I did get a few things done, including going to a training event for a volunteer teaching group I coach for, serious room cleaning, and a relaxing 3 or 4 mile walk.  I also chatted with both my mom and sister.  My walk led me to a Barnes and Noble.  I went in and just looked at books and read for two hours.  I forgot how much I love doing this.  When I was in high school I used to sit in a comfy chair in the poetry section at Borders and just read for hours on end.  I find books to be a very safe space.  I have never, ever felt marginalized or deeply saddened in a bookstore.  Probably because I love words, writing, books, and stories so very much.  Within just a few moments of being in the store tonight I felt like I was breathing more slowly and deeply.  I rolled my shoulders back and smiled and slowly made my way through all the sections.  I like all books; I’d rather have heaps and heaps of books than new clothes.  I’m kind of a supernerd.  Today I wandered through everything from cookbooks to travelogues to mystery to self-help and zen.  I like it all.  I like both the physical aspect of a book and the intellectual aspect; the content.  I feel like I can dive into a fresh new manuscript.  I like the journals in bookstores.  I like the eclectic mix of shoppers and the tea shops and the overpriced bookmarks.  In sum, I think books, writing, and bookstores make me deeply happy.  They are a space that gives me happiness because they are personal and introspective but not entirely secluded.  I will have to remember this on days when I feel sad in the future; I need only take a walk to the bookstore to find some comfort.

What’s your safe or comforting place (physically or emotionally)?

I had a really happy yoga experience tonight!  I wanted to move a bit more after my walk, but didn’t want to do a serious cardio workout or lift weights, so I settled on yoga.  I was super close to doing a video from, and then I had this beautiful moment of clarity where I realized that I knew what poses and flows I wanted and needed to do and that I could create my own practice for the day.  This was a liberating feeling in that it meant I could operate on my own timeline, put things in the order I wanted, and just feel totally free and individual on my mat.  I’ve practiced on my own before, but today I experienced a wonderful confidence and trust in my practice.  I did lots of triangles, pigeons, upward facing dogs, and fire log poses.  My hips are happy little pies right now.

I think tomorrow might be right for the monster exploration run.  We shall see.


I totally snacked my way through the day.  Most of my snacks weren’t unhealthy; just snacks.  I didn’t want a full meal at any point after breakfast.  I didn’t think of taking pictures, but I made my way through lots of delicious things.  I tried to fight the snack monster for a little while and then I just realized that you can’t fight the snack monster. It’s one of those things that you just have to embrace.  For me, if I would have tried to fight it, it would have just come back with a vengeance and I would have ended up eating big meals plus a ton of snacks.

Snacks included but weren’t limited to cashews and brazil nuts, dried pineapple, apple, edamame, and animal crackers.  Random but whatever.  I think I’ll survive 🙂  I didn’t even want a real dinner.  I had pomegranate frozen yogurt.  Bad blogger.

These are what my animal crackers look like.  They’re shaped like various wild cats.  I love fun food, in case you didn’t know that by now.  Highly kid-friendly, if you’re a parent.

My breakfast was, in contrast to the rest of my eats, a complete and rather lovely meal.  Therefore, I have pictures:

Pineapple and mango chunks (ew, I hate that word!) topped with a pineapple chobani/vanilla TJ’s Greek yogurt mix, melted coconut oil (this flavor component was key), peanut butter pretzel remnants, a few raw nuts, and a scoop of chunky peanut butter.  I really would have liked to have some cereal or granola in there, but for some reason those are foods that once I start eating, I cannot stop, so I’m trying not to keep them around so much.  Do any of you guys have foods that you are “addicted” to?


11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 01:30:10

    lol i refuse to post any gymnastics pics of me on the internet, mine are so blackmail worthy!!! the horrible leotards i used to have to wear…haha. i hate the word chunks too, i always say “hunks” because it sounds a LITTLE bit less vom-worthy. i need to try coconut oil pronto, everyone raves abotu it! i am a huge fan of chillin in bookstores, it’s one of my fave pastimes 🙂


  2. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 01:30:51

    oh and cereal is definitely a trigger food for me too, so i struggle with eating it. i’m so black or white about things, it’s like i can’t eat it at all or i have to eat the whole damn box. no bueno! i’m working on that 🙂


    • caronae
      Mar 07, 2010 @ 01:48:15

      I tend to be black/white about everything in life, especially productivity. It’s like I can either do anything or nothing. I’m working on finding the middle ground.


  3. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 03:17:21

    “I knew what poses and flows I wanted and needed to do and that I could create my own practice for the day. This was a liberating feeling in that it meant I could operate on my own timeline, put things in the order I wanted, and just feel totally free and individual on my mat.”–

    This is what I try to tell people who even have a rudimentary knowledge of listen to your body. And i started out the opening of my post today very similar in that i mentioned not being on the timeline of a class schedule or sitting thru a class, driving, etc…it’s so nice to be able to just do your thing, and in 30 mins you accomplish more than you would after 2 hrs of driving, schleping, parking, being in a class that’s less than perfect…and you pay $ for it! Ilove at home yoga… glad you trusted yourself and did it!!!


  4. Joanne
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 08:42:00

    Whoa lady you are seriously flexible! I only aspire to such things. I am one of those people who needs to stretch all the time otherwise I can’t move the next day.

    I love bookstores as well. I could get lost in them for hours. Just wish I had more time…

    The snacks sound great! Dried pineapple. How I love thee.

    I love your breakfast by the way! Cereal and dried fruit are my addictive foods. I love them when i ahve them, but am so relieved once they’re gone!


  5. EE
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 10:22:45

    Mango is good stuff. In the summer, TCL always begs to go to Jasmine Thai and get double orders of sticky rice with mango. 🙂


  6. Katie
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 15:23:24

    I did ballet for 12 years and still didn’t end up that flexible! Wow, that is seriously impressive. Can you still do the splits? Bookshops are my safe place 🙂 I love them, I could even feel myself relaxing while I was reading your paragraph about your trip to B&N! Chunks is indeed a creepy word. I think snack is too, it just makes me cringe! Not writing/reading it as much as saying it though. Very odd 😉


  7. glidingcalm
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 17:09:08

    that gymnastics photo is awesome!!! i have tried to remain as flexible as I was when I was skating- but I definitely am not stretching as much as I used to be!!! I mean it was part of my JOB back then, as an athlete. I try to do a little bit on my hamstrings each night, and I still have my front splits, but everywhere else I more tight!!!

    Yoga sounds like a wonderful happy place!! I wish there was someplace close by that was really inexpensive for me.

    Coconut oil sounds so intriguing to me!! I will have to try that someday!!

    Hope your Sunday is going well! 😀


  8. Christy
    Mar 07, 2010 @ 21:36:31

    I for sure need to stretch more. My hamstrings always tight….which leads to other issues. Your food looks so yummy! I’m addicted to hummus, greek yogurt, and natural pb. Not bad things to be addicted to I think…..


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