Perfect Sunday

Today’s Mini Goal: Do some “just for me” writing.  This means that it’s going to be in my journal, it’s not for class or for the blog, and it doesn’t have to be “pretty.” Sometimes it’s very therapeutic to just ramble-write.

I just realized how downright cranky I was this past week.  Sorry guys!  I blame evil hormones.  But any-hoo, I’m feeling happy, healthy, and refreshed today, and it’s the start of a new week.  What made my day so healthy and happy?

Well I shall tell you of course!

1. Leisurely morning! Woke up naturally around nine, read in bed for a while, then met a friend for a delicious brunch, including (but definitely not limited to) sunny-side up eggs and a super sweet latte!

I love nice mugs.

2. Study time!  Not necessarily fun, but it wasn’t too bad and it was nice to spend a few quality hours with the library and just get things done.

3. Baking!  Well, mixing things together at least.  As a busy college-student, I love energy bars.  But I don’t always love their long, sleazy ingredient lists.  Enter Averie’s No-bake pb/coconut/chocolate chip energy bars (I used ab though)!

So fun to mix up with your hands!  By the way, the reason you see Averie’s stuff so frequently on my blog is because:

1. Her stuff is tasty — lots of yummy ingredients all combined together will never fail me!

2. Her stuff is easy — I have no kitchen appliances and and a kitchen the size of my thumb, but I can still make or adapt many of her recipes.  As an added bonus, they’re vegan, if that’s what you’re looking for!

This is how they looked when finished:

With a DCD blob.  So nummy (by the way, that’s a word I made up recently — it’s a combination of “noms” and “yummy”, and I like it.  A lot.)

4. Fantabulous run!  While my homemade bars chilled in the fridge I set out for a perfect run.  The weather was very spring-like today with temps in the 40s, a nice breeze, and mostly melted snow.  It felt like April.  I love love love running in the spring.  It always lifts my spirits, and today’s fake-spring run just made me happy all around.  Despite my legs being a bit sore/tight/heavy from yesterday’s 15 miler, I still felt fast and free.  So splendid.

With the completion of ten miles today I officially hit 40 for the week.  And it wasn’t actually a week, since all those miles were run in the last four days (due to my crankiness/laziness at the beginning of the week).  Here’s the breakdown:

Thursday — 10 miles

Friday — 5 miles

Saturday — 15 miles

Sunday — 10 miles

This is the highest I’ve been since my December injury.  I’ll probably peak around 50-ish. I’m feeling good at this point in my training cycle!

5.  Getting Things Done:  It’s such a stress-reliever to get things done on Sundays.  Here’s what I’ve gotten through so far:

~picked up teaching materials for a program I volunteer with Monday nights.

~prescription pick-up

~checked bank balances

~bought chocolate chips (hey, this is an important weekly task)

~did laundry (in the dryer now!)

~chatted with my best friend J

~called my grandparents and talked with them and two of my aunts

~weekly veggie prep.  I love washing and chopping tons of veggies in Sundays.  That way I can throw them into salads, sandwiches, or stir-fries or eat them with hummus or pb throughout the week.

Leaning tower of veggies = yum.

6. Made an easy, nutritious dinner of half a leftover tuna sammie with a giant pile of stir-fried veggies topped with hummus and white cheddar:

In the stir fry: olive oil, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, rainbow chard, salt, lemon pepper, red pepper.  I love how artsy rainbow chard makes a meal.  So fun!  Oh, and I conversed with a cute boy on my floor while making said dinner 🙂

Next on the agenda: acquire some hot chocolate, fold laundry, and another hour or two of reading (hello Burke!).

I’m really glad I have been able to move on from the downs of the last week or two.  This makes me feel mentally strong and accomplished.  I am capable, beautiful and powerful and I have the ability to move forward no matter what.  Take that, depression!

I hope you had a wonderful, refreshing weekend.  What were you up to?  What grand adventures will you be embarking on this week?

19 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. EE
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 21:34:38

    Nice, nice work . . . and no need to apologize AT ALL.

    I think it’s so neat that you were published in the NYT. Impressive.


  3. Christy
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 21:47:19

    That’s funny that we both made those today! What do you do with the bars after they done in the freezer? Do you keep them in the fridge or just keep them in the freezer?


  4. eatmovelove
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 22:09:24

    Thank you for your extremely thoughtful comment….I am struggling still with all this – but all of your support has meant more than words can say…and holy mileage! I’m jealous 🙂


  5. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 22:19:40

    sweet that you caught up with some friends/family today! i love averie’s stuff too, she is so creative and the instructions are easy to folow (and often accompanied by pics!) what a great run you had, reading your blog makes me want to get into running despite my hatred of it right now


  6. Erin
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 22:49:55

    Sounds like you had a fun, delicious AND productive day. What a trifecta! 😀


  7. Jill
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 22:57:57

    I love eggs! Especially with whole wheat sourdough toast 🙂


  8. Lily @ Lily's Health Pad
    Feb 21, 2010 @ 23:55:33

    I always see bloggers make Averie’s stuff. I’ve got to try one of her recipes soon! Those bars look amazing.


  9. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 00:51:46

    Hiya! Thanks for posting and making the bars! I am so glad you’re loving them AND That you’re making lots of my recipes, it’s truly flattering, thank you (blush!) 🙂

    Easy and Tasty (with vegan as a side bonus, and GF and soy free or light). That’s the name of the game. Who wants to make something if it calls for gogi berries and maca. Lovely, but i dont keep $18 of 2 ingredients stocked in my fridge. You know what i mean. That’s why most raw receips turn me offf….wayyyyy too complicated, so i just create my own and glad you’re liking them 🙂


  10. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 00:55:13

    p.s. if you’re using a banana, you should probably keep em in the fridge or freezer or else eat all of them within a couple days. Your mileage may vary of course 🙂


  11. Sarah
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 02:54:09

    You used my favourite word in this post! ‘Fantabulous’ sorry that made me really excited for some reason.

    Those energy bars look yum, and it was lovely to read about all the nice things you did today (well actually it was yesterday since it’s Monday now…sorry I digress).

    Sounds like you’ve been really productive – I need a super-productive day soon..perhaps your post will inspire me haha 🙂

    Sarah x


  12. Katie
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 04:42:45

    Haha we’ve been calling things nummy in my house for years 😉 it’s a great word! Great minds think alike, obviously! I’m glad your mood has lifted, and I agree with Sarah, it sounds like you’ve been really productive! I hope you had a nice relaxing Sunday 🙂


  13. Kristie
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 10:43:28

    Loving the positive attitude, it always feels so good to feel happy and accomplished and to get things DONE. I love being able to check off a bunch of stuff on my to-do list. Even if it might be something like empty my garbage or paint my nails… every little thing counts! And every little things helps to lift the mood too, gotta love it 🙂


  14. Nutritious Foodie
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 13:55:11

    Way to go on your 15 mile ride..


  15. Fit Chick in the City
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 14:47:19

    Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! Everyone’s making Averie’s bars! As soon as I have some coconut oil, I have to make these.


  16. Kate
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 15:26:45

    what a productive sounding day! i love days like that. and your din stir fry sounds delish! i’m sure it tasted even better after the cute boy stopped by 😉


  17. Andrea@CeleryInTheCity
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 18:26:14

    I need to jump on this home made energy bars! They look absolutely delicious. My weekend looked a lot like yours..studying for classes and foodie love 🙂


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