Long Run, Cleaning, and a Tasty Salad

Today’s Positive Note: I have nice eyes and eyelashes!  I know I mentioned my eyebrows before, and I think together these are my best facial features.  Do you have a favorite facial feature?

I have lots to recap!  Let’s start with last night.  I had a ton of fun being girly and getting ready for the party.  Around 10:00, my two best friends (J and L) and I headed over to another friend’s suite for a pre-party (if you know what I mean).  There were lots of interesting tasty and wild drink concoctions made and consumed.  I rarely drink, actually, so when I do, I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty.  For me, getting out there and having fun is a major step forward.  I guess some college students have the opposite problem of having too much fun too often, but that’s not me.  Were you a crazy partier in college?

My hair is really getting long!

Party shoes.

Sparkly NYC skyline.

Anyways, so after staying at our friends suite for an hour or so (and watching a hilarious drunken runway show in which people at the party pretended to be different celebrities strutting their stuff), we headed over to the dance party in the student center (with a water bottle of long island iced tea in tow.  I know we’re classy).


This may all sound like a typical weekend night to you guys, but these kinds of things make me really anxious.  Being depressed has often manifested itself in my social behavior, or lack thereof.  I love having my “me” time, but I also need to find a balance and have fun with my awesome friends once in a while.  So last night, I let my hair down, put on my high heels, and danced the night away.  I even danced with a cute guy for a while!  He was really sweet, and wasn’t being pushy at all.  But also very manly.  In a lame attempt to impress him, I told him that I had to run 9 miles in the morning.  He said that was really cool and gave me “extra points in his book”.  He then preceeded to tell me that he had to ride 50 miles in the morning!  So impressive!  I rarely meet men who are as athletic as myself, so the fact that he’s a serious cyclist gives him some serious credit.  Apparently, his legs are rock solid (he’s friends with some of my friends — they told me).  I may or may not have repeatedly accidentally placed my hand on his thigh so that I could determine if this was true.  It was indeed.

Okay, so I had a spectacular Friday night.  Go me!

Onto today!  I knew I wouldn’t be waking up early to run.  It jsut wasn’t happening.  I got up around 11, had breakfast, lounged around, read, and generally procrastinated.  I was afraid that having danced in painful shoes and consumed alcohol the night before would make the run horrible.  Around 1 or so, I finally got going.  I had 9 miles on the schedule, 6 easy pace, 3 goal pace (approximately).  I thought this sounded like a weird way to do a long run, but boy was I wrong.!

The first four or five miles were unevenetful, and a bit boring (besides the hilarious ducks in the Hudson river that kept me entertained with their diving, splashing, and general cuteness).  I started to pick it up on the way back for the faster miles.  I didn’t have my garmin (now it won’t turn on at all.  Grrrrr.  I’m going to call the company once I have my computer back.  I can only deal with one technology problem at a time), but I was definitely running below a nine minute pace.  8:45-ish perhaps?  It felt wonderful!  I felt like I was flying, and I think learning how to run fast at the end will be really helpul for my speed in the half-marathon.

So, the run was happy.

The rest of my day called for cleaning and eating, with a little school planning thrown in for fun.  All of these things were accomplished, albeit rather slowly.  My room was a total mess before this afternoon though.

I even scrubbed things!  Very un-Caronaeish.   

I collect elephant (and duck) things.

I planned out my schedule for the semester on my pretty Japanese woodblock calendar.  I’m going to buy books tomorrow (I get easily overwhelmed so I decided to split tasks up between today and tomorrow).

Onto dinner.

For some reason, the only thing in the world that I wanted was a salad with roasted veggies, toasted walnuts, warm thinly sliced apples, and goat cheese.  Very specific, I guess, but I went with it.  So. Glad. I. Did.  This was easily one of my top five homemade meals ever!  Seriopusly people, healthy eating is delicious.  I refuse to believe anyone who says they don’t like vegetables until they have eaten this salad.


1. Roast mixed vegetables at 400 for half an hour.  I used broccoli, yellow bell pepper, and zuchinni.  I drizzled them in a sauce of honey and olice oil, which gave thema wonderful sweetness.

2. When veggies are almost done, steam a small or medium sweet potato in the microwave for eight minutes.

3. Toss a small palmful of walnuts into a non-stick skillet.  Toast for about five minutes on medium-high heat.

4. Thinly slice an apple.

5. Wash your salad greens (I used spinach and a winter salad mix) and plate them.

6. When sweet potato is done, remove skin and cut up about three-wuarters of a cups worth into strips or cubes.  Throw over greens.

7. Heat apple for one minute in microwave.

8. When veggies are roasted (they should be alittle brown/black on edges and soft-ish), throw them on to the mix.  Add toasted walnuts.  Add warm apple slices.  Add several goat cheese crumbles.

9. Eat this pile of deliciousness and you will briefly be transported to heaven.

I wish I could eat dinners this tasty every day.  Yum.

Thanks for reading (if you made it this far!)

Tomorrow calls for: easy five miles, text book shopping and reading, a blog post where I talk about depression medication(s).

Have a lovely Sunday blog friends!


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darya
    Jan 23, 2010 @ 23:33:36

    Mom says if you have time to write a post that long you ought to have spent it looking for scholarships….. (she is reading over my shoulder)


  2. sophia
    Jan 23, 2010 @ 23:46:18

    Wow girl, you’re really fast, under 9 minute miles! I’m a solid 10 minute miler. Lol.

    Hahaha, I just read the comment above mine, that was hilarious.

    But anyway, it’s great that you have such confidence of yourself and are actively looking for positive stuff.

    p.s. Hope you find that scholarship your mom is talking abt! 😉


  3. Jolene (www.everydayfoodie.ca)
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 00:08:41

    In university I partied on the weekend, but never during the week or the night before classes. I was a keener when it came to school – never skipped a class etc.! I did party on Saturdays though!!


  4. Stef @ moretolifethanlettuce
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 01:00:03

    i love roasted veggies! wow your hair is long, pretty! being depressed definitely takes a toll on your social life, but it still looks like a fun night!


  5. Missy Maintains
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 11:30:09

    Haha that first comment sounds like something my mom would say. Glad you had a fun night out! Very impressive that you ran the next day! Love your salad!


  6. oatsandchocolate
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 15:53:04

    hey! you hair IS long! its so pretty. great job on running the mile so fast, thats awesome!
    that salad looks so gooood. im definately going to have to make a delicious salad like that soon[: xoxo soph


  7. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Jan 24, 2010 @ 18:53:07

    great food and it looks like you guys were havin’ a ball!!!!!!!


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