Birds, beef, and books.

Today’s Positive Note: I’m getting better at not getting worked up about everything.  I had a realization over winter break, when I asked one of my cousins how he deals with our crazy-in-a-good-but-stressful-way aunts, and he said something like “oh, it just goes in one ear and out the other.”  Previously, I had always let myself become entangled in every situation I encountered, good or bad, but now I’m working on just moving forward.  For example, I fell on my face twice during my run today (I know, I’m dangerously uncoordinated), which normally would have made me cry and have a miniature panic attack.  But, just moments after the event(s), I forgot about it, and just thought about the next part of my run.  This ability to leave things behind, emotionally, is actually a major accomplishment for me.

I started my morning off with strength training at the gym followed by a five mile run.  I have never in my lfie seen so many people in Central Park in January (it was ridiculously warm).  Seriously, it was crowded.  Part of me is very happy that people are outside exploring, but the more evil part of me is annoyed.  I feel like if you’re a serious runner, you should be out there no matter what the weather, not only when it’s warm.  I feel like they are fairweather runners, and I strongly dislike this group of people.  Okay, rant over.

I really like doing things by myself.  I have always been comfortable being alone, and I have come to love the freedom of doing what I want, when I want.  Today I took myself to the Museum of Natural History.  It was really neat.  For some reason, all the kids there scared me a little bit — I started thinking about the fact that, as much as I want to be a mother some day, those kids were insane.  Insanely annoying.  The only ones I didn’t want to yell at were the infants who were asleep.  Regardless, the trip was still a success.  My favorite exhibits were, of course, the birds (have I ever told you about my bird obsession?).  Lots of pictures:



You get the idea.  I was going to cook something with my farmer’s market ground beef tonight, but my stomach kind of hurts.  We shall see.  I want to make a sauce for it out of hummus and greek yogurt when I do cook it.  This will probably either be a moment of culinary genius or an epic fail.  I’m leaning towards the latter.  But whatever, I like to experiment in the kitchen .  What’s your favorite dish that was born out of a kitchen experiment?  I discovered the amazing combination of pumpkin and peanut butter that way. 

I took some time this afternoon/evening to just sit and read/write.  It felt very refreshing.  I can’t tell you how happy books make me.  They’re like little external worlds that I can lose myself in, however briefly.  I am reading “The White Tiger” by Aravind Adiga right now.  My favorite books include “Their eyes Were Watching God” (Zora Neale Hurston), “Song of Solomon” (Toni Morrison), and “The Poisonwood Bible” (Barbara Kingsolver).  I want to publish a book, someday.  A girl can dream.  What books have changed your life?


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  1. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)
    Jan 16, 2010 @ 20:58:49

    thanks for the blog roll add and I LOVE The yoga pics in your previous post 🙂
    namaste my friend 🙂


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