Cookies, more skiing, and friends!

Today’s Positive Note: I have really strong legs, arms, and abs, and this makes me pretty good at cross-country skiing.  I am also brave and not afraid to go down hills.  I think my “running muscles” help  a lot with skiing.  I actually like all winter sports, and would love to downhill ski more often, but I do not live near mountains.

Camera mission accomplished!  I got a wonderful new camera today at Best Buy.  This is actually my first ever digital camera, so I am super excited.  I’ll probably be posting lots of random pictures today.  However, I accidentally fell on top of my computer yesterday (I am a klutz who can fall onto anything), and the hinge, which was already breaking, is now fully broken.  I took it to Geek Squad and they said I need to back up my hard drive, give it to them tomorrow, and they’ll send it out, and it will come back in two to three weeks.  Gah!  What will I do without my computer for that long?!?!?  Thankfully, my school has good computer labs, and I will be able to email, blog, and do my schoolwork.  But still, I like having my computer in my room.

Yesterday, my sister, my cousin, and I made chocolate chip/peanut/cinnamon cookies from this Martha Stewart cookie book.  They tasted a little bland/dry for some reason…We also watched Up, which is my favorite animated movie ever.  It is adorable and quite touching, actually.  Today I had pancakes with peaches, yogurt, and flax for breakfast.  It fueled me through another great afternoon skiing adventure!  When I got back I had hot chocolate.  I LOVE hot chocolate.  It’s by far my favorite drink (I even drink it in the summer time too).  I usually use nestle packets or Land O Lakes flavored packets, but I almost always stir in pieces of dark chocolate or chocolate chips.  It makes a little melty surprise of chocolatey goodness at the bottom.  Awesome.  What’s your favorite seasonal food or drink?

I spent the evening with one of my best friends from high school.  We went to a meeting for the local college writing club.  I was really involved in writing groups in high school, and the same people are in the college group now.  I really miss the people, but I also miss the open, calm, stimulating atmosphere that writing groups gave me.  I loved workshopping pieces and performing them.  I even got to travel to New York and California for poetry competitions.  Those events form some of my happiest high school memories.  What childhood memories do you happily recall?  I have several others, including swimming across a three mile lake at my favorite summer camp when I was about 11 (I was a swimmer then, don’t worry), making elaborate gingerbread houses with my mom on snow days, and setting the toaster on fire with my sister when I was about 7.

More pictures and half-marathon training info to come tomorrow!


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