Running and Therapy

Today’s Positive Note:  I have good endurance, and I have worked hard for it.  I have gone through many a painful 12 miler, but also many a refreshing 14 miler.  Running is like that — one day can be great, the next day horrible.  I am not quick, and maybe not graceful, but I can run for a long time.  My longest run was 6 hours and 8 minutes (33.4 mile ultramarathon).  I have a strong heart, lungs, and legs.

Sidenote: Thanks so much for all the nice comments!  I feel like I already have so many new blog friends!

1. Running:  I did the trail run in the snow yesterday.  It was somewhere between six and seven miles (I can’t get my garmin to charge — help???).  I had on leggings, long underwear, three jackets, hat, gloves, yak trax and gators (they go over your shoes/ankles to keep snow out).  It was tough, but the beauty was worth it.  The trail was not at all cleared, so I was running through several inches of snow, which was hard.  I actually had to walk up some hills.  It felt like the equivalent of maybe a ten mile run.  Does anybody know how running through the snow affects your body?

Good news: I got accepted into the NYC half marathon in March (they changed the month this year)!  I am so excited.  This will be my second half.  Last time, I ran a 1:58, and I was so happy.  I really don’t know what to shoot for this time, since I just started running two weeks ago after a month of rest (I had microfractures in my left shin).  I’ll be working out a training plan and posting soon.  I have about two months, which will be enough time because I have a pretty good base, with lots of long runs over the past few months.  Anybody have two month training plans they would reccomend?

2. Therapy.  It’s been so weird not going to therapy while I have been on break from school (almost a month).  I have been trying to say positive things to myself every day, and I have been taking a calmer, nicer attitude towards those around me, and just generally not stressing as much.  I think I am doing pretty well so far, but Iam also looking forward to getting back in a week and a half.

Running, for me, is not just physical.  It is also emotionally therapeutic and restful.  I actually kind of feel like I’m flying when I run,which I love.  In turn, I feel happy and cleansed.  There is definitely a connection there.  I’m fairly sure there are studies connecting running and good mental health.  I wanted to sure a poem today that I wrote for a class last semester.  It’s probably one of my favorite things I have written, and was (and is) very necessary to my outlook on life.  I don’t always see things the same way other people do, and I am learning that this is okay.  Note: the lines on the right often wrap around under the lines on the left because they are too long for the screen.  The left hand column should really only be one single word (example “cry”).


sweet                                       push out the good things like your white bonnet and your daisies and your snow

shell                                         collect Petoskey stones along the shore and silver green clams and barnacles

wooden                                   tell your father that he is not made of wood, that he is not a fortress

moon                                       pull out your veins one at a time and knit them into a blanket for her

honey                                      stir it in your drink or let it sit in pools on your hot hands

jasmine                                    grow some and crush it with a blade and give it to your sister in a basket

shine                                        grab the purple flashlight and make ceiling animals

blue                                         sit on the salt color couch until you can come away from it

cry                                           but do not sob

quiet                                        listen for insects and midnights and mornings

still                                          touch your knees and make sure they have not softened

house                                       build a fort below your bed; make sure there is a garden there

bird                                          carry your metallic feathers with you and make charts of your own bones

tree                                          study the earth’s architecture and learn that beautiful things do not live forever

iris                                           take the pink right out of your skin and paste it to the bearded iris

me                                           cover your head but do not forget how to see

wing                                        wash and preen and then make sure the grass is long enough to get lost in

orchid                                      put the lady slipper, still in its soil, on the countertop

clock                                        pick a line to look at and walk against the second hand

blood                                       narrate the whole damn story and measure the gallons in your body

tulip                                         look at the photo with your mother and the daffodils and the would-be-fawns

sister                                        count her limbs very carefully and keep the shape of her face in your jacket pocket

legs                                          run until you are alone on the sidewalk between three delicate shadows

tea                                           press the leaves wet and get the water very hot

go                                            move between dangerous places but do not be dangerous

speak                                       peel back your banana leaf wrappings

remember                                stare up to the empty sky and fill it with the things you know

box                                          arrange the gold and black trinkets on your table, there are six sides

inlay                                        stack the tops into a tower with five levels

faucet                                      water the vines and the kiwis just as you water your own body

girl                                           let her know she is a starfish, a macaw; let her know she has eyes that whisper


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Darya
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 22:10:40

    your poem has an interesting structure! (sorry i never know what to say on comments)


  2. Gelareh @ Orange Truffle
    Jan 08, 2010 @ 23:01:12

    Congrats on getting in the NYC marathon… that is wonderful.


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