Very Lazy Day

I decided to make today a total rest day.  I hat being on vacation for too long — for some reason, having 24 unscheduled hours in the day is really hard for me!  I have no motivation to work out, make fun healthy meals (enter cereal and ice cream…), or leave the house.  I wasn’t totally useless today, I got a few errands in (post office, grocery store, library, banking stuff) so I don’t feel totally guilty:)

Getting a month off between semesters is tricky for a girl who is used to fitting a billion things into the day (job, classes, studying, cooking, workout, seeing friends, club and organization meetings, writing).

I found a cool new fruit at the grocery store today: pumello!  It looks like a giant green grapefruit.

Image source

Does anyone know what I should do with it, or how to tell when its ripe?  I will try pretty much any new food or dish that is presented to me unless it involves any of the foods from my top-5 hate lists:




4.american cheese

5.white chocolate

When it comes down to it, I don’t think I’m very picky at all, unless someone is trying to force a bunch of processed stuff down my throat.  I also can’t stand white bread, but that’s usually pretty avoidable.  Tomatoes, on the other hand, tend to lurk EVERYWHERE!  They are in sauces, salads, side dishes.  Everything.  And I hate them so so so much — just thought of cutting into a tomato makes me feel nauseous.  What foods do you not like?

Hopefully tomorrow afternoon I will go on a lovely, long and refreshing trail run.  Michigan has the most beautiful trails in winter, and it is so peaceful and everything looks like a postcard from Norway or something (okay, so maybe I don’t really know what Norway looks like, but I bet it’s pretty in the winter!).  That’s one of the things that annoys me about New York (which is where I actually live): there are very few trails and no big nature areas.  But I love living in the city (at least for now), and we all have to make compromises sometimes.  This is one of the trails I run on (although it’s a little snowier at the moment):

Image Source

Have a good Thursday!  It’s almost the weekend for you worker bees!

Edited to Add: Just did a quick 20 minute strength workout (using my mom’s Physician’s Desk Reference Book and an unopened case of orange La Criox) and I’m feeling much better.  Exercise always does that 🙂  I also got my copy of Born to Run in the mail today.  So excited to read it!


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  1. Missy Maintains
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 09:35:54

    The trail run sounds so relaxing and pretty! You are right..there are not enough nature trails in NY. Hmm my least favorite food is an olive. I freak out if one even comes close to my salad!


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